A Date with Nature!

28 August 2008 वेळ: Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes life brings you little windows of opportunities, and I had mine when after months of waiting I went on a wonderful trip to Amby Valley. This lovely locale is situated right in heart of Lonavala. You can imagine how beautiful the environment must be in these monsoon days. Everything looked completely washed and fresh. The scenery threw a slew of colors all over the place....a dash of green, sprinkled with lime green, fresh yellow and white flowers. Oh...All of it looked absolutely breathtaking. There was an occasional drizzle and the roads were covered with mist and fog.
Step inside the 10000 acres of Amby valley and you understand the real definition of man made wonder. The location is perfect as it is surrounded by hills, the man-made water-bodies and recreation centres that are just so great. I wish I get to visit this place one more time....I am finding it difficult to frame my experience in words.....All I can say is.....
It was just so beautiful, it was all so pristine........it was like a private paradise!

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