English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 2

21 February 2010 वेळ: Sunday, February 21, 2010
On public demand I am updating yet another carnal sin committed by us while speaking English!

Keep your ears open especially for this one as it completely changes the complete meaning of the sentence!

The victim- the word " De-Stressing"
Which means removing the stress or unwinding the stress!!

While some people pronounce it as dis-stressing which means great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction; trouble or a state of extreme necessity or misfortune!

Its high time that we correct this mistake! It can land us in a Major Soup! Say for example you tell your Boss," If it was not for your distressing( You actually want to say de-stressing) Company the picnic wouldn't have been fun at all".

Just imagine your wrong pronouncing or writing of the word de-stress can prove to be a matter of great distress for you!! hehehe

My advice don't commit this gaffe at all costs!!

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