Just me at my pesimistic best!

19 December 2007 वेळ: Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Frivolous thoughts flood my mind
Misery has been so unkind
For I have sauntered far away, far far away from my comfort confines.
I cannot go back, for if I do that this time
I shall fail, fail miserably the tedious test of time
Life has been difficult, but may be not as difficult as I find
Feud, fault, forgiveness – Lived and loved all the vices of mankind
Loneliness creeps in the wake of nite- chills sent down my spine
For it’s an ache that shall never minimize, a Rubik cube that I shall never surmise
What a pessimistic end I have accorded to my apprehensions, one may think
How would you understand, How could you, How should you
For it takes a once brave now broken heart for the feeling to sink

----By me!

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