Review: Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction: Sue Townsend

28 August 2008 वेळ: Thursday, August 28, 2008

To begin with I loved this book. There is a kind of easy nonchalance in the humor used by Sue Townsend. I liked the way Adrian, his love life, his people, his finance, his work, his existence and the Weapons of Mass destruction are woven together to give an out an out good book. Robbie’s death brings us face to face to the grave reality of war.
Adrian is adorable. He is a middle-aged man with multiple problems, is naive, not career oriented, always seems to be following the dictum of opposites attract when it comes to his women, restricts his thoughts to his diary, reads boring books, has contrasting natured friends, is bit of a timid person who is afraid of sins and the Flowers, he is a recluse who still grapples with the situation of being a child to his parents and a single father to his children. He seriously lacks rational behavior when it comes to shopping and expenses. He writes weird letters to public figures for his own concerns and suggestions for their betterment. Sue has essayed his character wonderfully. His non-appearance as a larger than life character only makes him more human. And even more interesting. Most of us will be able relate to him or his mistakes. I absolutely loved his contradicting nature. The book has an undercurrent of humor which doesn’t go towards slapstick. Though I agree it has a sarcastic tone to it. At a point you feel there is too much going on but then you slowly start to absorb Adrian’s life as it comes. One of the two reasons for his interest in WMD is hilarious while the other spells the genuine concern of a responsible father. What I liked is the end, the author has not ended the book with him realizing his mistakes and being a superstar of his life. He remains as he was but now has a happy family too.
When I started to read this book I was not aware there was a series of books and I had started with the Last one. Nevertheless, better late than sorry, I plan to read them all! If not for Sue then for Adrian! Coz you can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him!

A Date with Nature!

वेळ: Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes life brings you little windows of opportunities, and I had mine when after months of waiting I went on a wonderful trip to Amby Valley. This lovely locale is situated right in heart of Lonavala. You can imagine how beautiful the environment must be in these monsoon days. Everything looked completely washed and fresh. The scenery threw a slew of colors all over the place....a dash of green, sprinkled with lime green, fresh yellow and white flowers. Oh...All of it looked absolutely breathtaking. There was an occasional drizzle and the roads were covered with mist and fog.
Step inside the 10000 acres of Amby valley and you understand the real definition of man made wonder. The location is perfect as it is surrounded by hills, the man-made water-bodies and recreation centres that are just so great. I wish I get to visit this place one more time....I am finding it difficult to frame my experience in words.....All I can say is.....
It was just so beautiful, it was all so was like a private paradise!

Sweet Silence!

23 August 2008 वेळ: Saturday, August 23, 2008
We walk in silence you and I........Save the sighs for others, the regrets for old tomorrow..the
choke of emotions for another day.......Let me exhume and let me bury what is left behind of yesterday.........Let me just be here in this moment.........experiencing and living with each coming day.......... the slow fading of your memories from my life

Life's Big Lesson in a Small Scoop! 2

22 August 2008 वेळ: Friday, August 22, 2008

My dearest Friend Vijay made a very vital comment while discussing personality traits yesterday.

He said our behaviour casts a reflection on our personality. Like for example if you have a habit of cluttering things and being dis-organised, that seeps into your thinking. Your ideas are cluttered and not clear.

If you are a ' pack rat' ( a beautiful expression I read long ago for hoarders) then you tend to carry a lot of bottle-necked ideas.

If you are someone who keeps on collecting broken articles that means you have a penchant for clinging on to the old and find it difficult to give up archaic beliefs.

Moral: The more we de-clutter our closets, our belongings and our minds the better we make our lives!

Cheers to de-cluttering!
Thanks Vijay!
Point Noted Boss!

Life's Big lesson in a Small Scoop! 1

21 August 2008 वेळ: Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes erasing a memory can be as easy as pressing the Delete button.........Its easier that way! Carrying accessive emotional baggage gets you nowhere! So have selective memory - keep the control panel in your hands- You have to decide what you want to feel nostalgic about (If you want to that is).

Switch your thought flow to something much more important and fruitful but definitely not related to your painful memory. Afterall Ignorance is Bliss!
This way you spare yourself of a lasting trauma. And always remember its best to let go when you know there's no hope.

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