New Year Time!!!

31 December 2009 वेळ: Thursday, December 31, 2009
2009 has literally flown past! Its the end of December already and we are on the onset of 2010!!

Its New Year time once again...and I am left with a lot of mixed feelings- New years leave me both excited and scared.

New year is more like an annual stock taking!! Time to measure the Profit and Loss accounts and settle the discrepancies in the balancesheet!!!

Definitely there is happiness of a fresh beginning and anxiety about but more importanttly there is a lot of positive anticipation from the comming year!

2010, I have a lot of expectations from you dear, Don't let me down......!

Return to Innocence!

29 December 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Children..aren't they the sweetest things!! No matter what state of mind you are in - they always manage to bring back a smile to your face!! Just try doing this!! Have you ever seen children lined up parallel to the railway line..happily waving back to the ignorant passengers of the passing trains!! For once - let go of all inhibitions of how people will judge you and wave back at them....with a simple smile if not over the top alacrity. And see the magic!! Their moon like faces brighten up with this momentary happiness of receiving a positive response to their mirthful anticipation. They keep waving back at you, till your train speeds away farther than their vision can capture!! I am not able to word the way this feels...its a pleasant feeling to make them happy in the most simplest there is a complete different meaning to life other than the infinite materialistic ones we keep chasing about!!!


27 December 2009 वेळ: Sunday, December 27, 2009
1.Where is your cell phone?
why do u want my cell... i don't hv much balance left... use ur own...

2.Your hair?
ohh!!! thank god!!! they still exists as strong as before...

3.Your mother?
my life

4.Your father?
my life

5.Your sister?
my life

6.Your favorite food?
ur brain

7.Your dream last night?

8.Your favorite drink?

9.Your goal?
not just 1...

10.What room are you in?

11.Your hobby?

12.Your fear?
i hv no fear... m superman

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
on th moon...

14.Where were you last night?
r u my wife or wht...

15.Something that you aren’t?

yukkss... can't u offer nething better thn tht???

17.Wish list item?
error!!! wishlist overflow!!!

18.Where did you grow up?
ppl say m not grown up enuf!!!

19.Last thing you did?
which thing u r talking abt... good or bad???

20.What are you wearing?
whoooppsss... close ur eyes... u dont want to c ths...

21.Your TV?
my PC

22.Your pets?
i dont like pets but mike tyson gifted me his tiger, steve irwin gifted me a crocodile

yess i do hv...

24.Your life?
FnF... not Fast & Furious... Family & Friends

25.Your mood?
happy as always

26.Missing someone?

yahh... a magical broom...

28.Something you’re not wearing?
damn... wht kinda ques is tht???

29.Your favorite store?
any1 which i could rob :D

30.When was the last time you laughed?
just now

31.Last time you cried?
gee.. superman neva cries...

32.Your best friend?
Megh, Aakya, Shilya, Vaibhav

33.One place that you go to over and over?
instead of going to ONE place over and over i would have preffered to stay there...

34.One person who emails me regularly?

35.Favorite place to eat?
ohho... whn u r hungry th place doesn't matter...

माझे टॅग्स: मेघआकाशदिप्तीमिलिंदविशालआनंद

(टॅगरट) सौरभ


26 December 2009 वेळ: Saturday, December 26, 2009
I came across this very interesting tag on Anand's Blog! So filled in the details! Bongs, Aakya and Deeps you too fill in the details! It will be a fun-read!

1.Where is your cell phone?
Meticulously put on the Mobile Stand! See it 2 Believe it!

2.Your hair?
Used to be ruffled and gave an "out of the bed look"! Strangely they are completely manageable now! : )

3.Your mother?
The only person who loves me unconditionally!

4.Your father?
My Pillar of Strength!

5.Your favorite food?
Anything made by Mom as I hardly get homemade food made by her! I have to eat what I cook usvally!! : )

6.Your dream last night?
I don't dream anymore! Dreams just make people more impractical.

7.Your favorite drink?
H2O Neat on the rocks!!! What were u thinking???? ; )

8.Your goal?
To prove myself!!

9.What room are you in?
Definitely the one which has a lot of sunshine and ventilation! Any Guesses which one???

10.Your hobby?
Blogging!!!! I love it!

11.Your fear?
Being Judged wrongly!

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
hmmmmmmm! Now lets c how that one works!

13.Where were you last night?
Chatting away with friends @ Home - the best place on earth

14.Something that you aren’t?

Yes I am all "Gimme" for them - If they are made of Sugar Free!
On an after-thought its such a sweet name for a cat or even your object of affection!!!hahahaha

16.Wish list item?
A flat of my own and a car!

17.Where did you grow up?

18.Last thing you did?
Just made some Chapattis!

19.What are you wearing?
Blue Tee and a pair of old Jeans!

20.Your TV?
Is sitting in the warehouse of some shop gathering dust!! As I Don't Have one yet!

21.Your pets?
Don't have any right now! Aishwarya and Sundari are two strays who are very cute and friendly dogs!

My Lifeline!! They keep me on the move!!!

23.Your life?
A Roller-coaster ride!
Plain till 2007 - Bumpy after that!

24.Your mood?
On a H3
Holiday Happy High!!!! : )

25.Missing someone?

Kinetic ZX!

27.Something you’re not wearing?
My Specs!

28.Your favorite store?
Wills Lifestyle!

29.When was the last time you laughed?
Today afternoon while watching 3-idiots @ R-MALL, Mulund! Had a blast!

30.Last time you cried?
Don't want to remember as Tears only make you more and more weak! But yes it was a worthless effort for a person who did not care!

31.Your best friend?
My Lil Bro! Bhauama!

32.One place that you go to over and over?
Parvati, Pune. I am gripped with a dejavoo feeling every time!

33.One person who emails me regularly?

34.Favorite place to eat?
La Dolche Vita, Pune!

हिशोब... काहीच्या काही...

24 December 2009 वेळ: Thursday, December 24, 2009
बसलेलो मी एकदा असाच, एका निवांत क्षणी
जमवून आठवणी, मनात काही अन् डोळ्यात काही...

मांडला हिशोब सगळा, जगलेल्या पुर्ण आयुष्याचा
प्रत्येक त्या क्षणाचा, हसलेलो काही अन् रडलेलो काही...

जमाबाकीच्या ताळेबंदात, स्तंभ दोन पडले
क्षण मी विभागले, सुखांचे काही अन् दुःखांचे काही...

झाली गणिते सगळी, मोजणीस ना काही उरले अन्य
शेवटी बाकी शुन्य, ना गमावले काही ना कमावले काही...

(रिक्त) सौरभ

भिजा... सौख्य भरे...

23 December 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, December 23, 2009
"पडत्या पावसाला पाहुन तुम्ही आतुन भिजला नाहीत; तर स्वतःच्या कोरडेपणाची तारीफ करु नका... हे मान्य करा की तुमच्या आयुष्यात भिजवणारे क्षण आलेच नाहीत... (किंवा आले तरी ते तुम्हाला अनुभवता आले नाहीत...)"

समुद्रकिनारी भटकत असताना अचानक एखद्या शिंपल्यात मोती सापडावा तसेच अगदी सहजच आंतरजालावर सफर करताना काही शब्द, वाक्य, कविता, गझला, गाणी, लेख अशी सापडतात जी झटक्यात मनाची पकड घेतात आणि त्यांचा ठसा सोडून जातात. मिपावर (मिसळपाव.कॉम) हे वाक्य एका सदस्याने टाकले होते. लई भावलं आपल्याला. नक्की लेखक कोण ते माहीत नाही. (कंसातला भाग सोडून... ते वाक्य मी घुसडवलय.)
आपल्या आयुष्यात असे ओलावा देणारे असंख्य क्षण येत असतात. का कोण जाणो आपण एवढे रुक्ष असतो की ते आपल्याला टिपता येत नाहीत. एवढे कोरडे नका राहू. दुभंगाल. प्रत्येक क्षण जगा. (चांगला/वाईट कसाही असला तरी) अनुभवा. भावनेचा ओलावा असू द्या. सुखासमाधानाची हिरवळ पसरु द्या. प्रेमाचा मृद्गंध दरवळू द्या. आनंदाचे इंद्रधनुष्य उमटू द्या... :)

(भिजलेला) सौरभ

जखमा कश्या सुगंधी...

वेळ: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

जखमा कश्या सुगंधी झाल्यात काळजाला,
केलेत वार ज्याने तो मोगरा असावा...

गझलकार - इलाही जमादार
संगीतकार/गायक - भीमराव पांचाळे

कसे सुचले असतील हे शब्द. किती काय सांगून जातात हे शब्द. आणि कोण म्हणतं की सगळ्याच भावना शब्दांत सांगता येत नाहीत. कदाचित त्या व्यक्त करायला आपणच असमर्थ असतो. गझलकार श्री. इलाही जमादार यांनी ह्या गझलेत निवडक, चोख आणि अचूक शब्दांत अनेकअनेक भाव ठासून भरलेत. श्री. भीमराव पांचाळे ह्यांच्या आवाजाची जादू आपल्याला एका वेगळ्याच भावविश्वात गुंगवून टाकते. आणखी काय सांगू, तुम्हीच समजून घ्या.
ह्या दोन्ही कलाकारांना माझा मानाचा मुजरा...

(भावगुंग) सौरभ

Santacruz to Pune!

21 December 2009 वेळ: Monday, December 21, 2009
I had booked a ticket for Deccan Queen. Being a super fast train it departs from CSTM.

I boarded a local train from Santacruz. I was mentally prepared for the "Mallish" in the crammed local trains of Mumbai. To my surprise I got a seat! As far as I recollect this was the second time in my 6 months history, that I scored a seat in the local train. Rather I got off a local train without a push from my back! :D "Ye sab Sunday hone ka jadoo hain"

As I was travelling my way down from Churchgate to CSTM the old constructions were still holding their stand. A wall besides the footpath was oozing out with graffiti against the 26/11 attacks.

It was great to see un-crammed Mumbai!

Was about to enter the station - a Deutsch lander paused me. "Is there any cyber cafe around? My map reads theres one towards left."

I:..........(urgh do we get such precise maps in our country??) I have no idea.....

Two flutes were peeping out from his haversack, "Do you play them?"
Yea! I tried playing them.

He was attracted to the Indian classical music. He also had Pune on his agenda.
In the meanwhile a taxi passing us suffered the broken axle. The rear wheel of the taxi came rolling to our feet. The Deutsch lander must be shocked to see this weired accident!
"Welcome to India!"

Walking down the platform no.8, I took notice of the pantry car. Table's and chairs setup for the visitors. That was the place where I could continue reading my novel.
The train jolted, I'd taken care of my luggage. Made a move to the pantry car.
Ordered a cup of chai!
A sip of chai, read a few lines, Have the splendid view from the window.
Unexpectedly the chai was too good for the regular Indian rail tea!
By the time I reached Lonnavala - a couple of pages had been turned.
The manager of the pantry car was keeping a count of my number of chai's.
I had been fortunate enough to have the pantry car not crowded.

As the centi-wheeled boggies got close to pune, the manager in the pantry car requested > "Sir aab band ho raha hain."

I made a move back to my compartment. A few seats away some hyper-excited gaggle of women were at the peak of their antakshari session.

"Goad Gojiri laaj lajiri, tai tu honar navri" was squeaking out in a very irritating tone.

I couldn't manage a reinforcement to bomb that part of the compartment. I would have loved to offer them "shendur" (Shendur can be used to mute the vocal boxes for hours - says me :D)
Eventually I vented the whole boredom in messaging Prof., Mihir, Yash and Surhud.

The excruciating pain of my diaphragm made me think constantly about jumping off the train as I pass Shivajinagar station.

Dont know why, but the train driver stopped at Shivajinagar!
Guess! I was the first to jump off the train!

I like!!!

19 December 2009 वेळ: Saturday, December 19, 2009
Fireflies in the Garden

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.

- By Robert Frost

Bicycle Riding in Pune!

16 December 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A few days back, I tried picking back one of my ardent hobbies which I had abandoned in My Odyssey years- Cycling! Since Aakash and YD were going on a long bike ride! I tagged along with them. I borrowed YD's cousin's ladies bicycle and on a chilly December Tuesday evening we were all jet set to hit the rough roads. So we decided our route which was going to be down from Sadashiv Peth-FC Road-E-square flyover-University road. I had only practised a little the previous evening on Karve road and was a bit apprehensive about the evening traffic on all these jam-packed bottle necked roads. Anyways it was my first time and I decided to take the risk. Of course I was finding it difficult to keep pace with these guys as they were very fast and experienced. I had to pedal my way faster to keep up with them. The seat of my bicycle was very low and I was finding it problematic to pull the cycle on upward slopes. Infact I had to get down on Garware Bridge! But some how I managed to ride down all the way ahead of E-square but then my legs which were not used to all this exercise gave up. So I turned back and returned mid-way! But though exhausting it was an exhilarating experience. And a quiet fulfilling one @ that. I think I need to go on more such bike rides which will make me used to ridding. The most difficult part was facing hell while driving thru full traffic at 6 pm. I wish we could go on a plain green pollution free road someday, probably on the outskirts of the city. Aakash had a bike problem so he turned back mid-way while I guess YD was the only person to reach the decided spot. Albeit a bit taxing, it was too good an experience! I think one must keep giving a shot at such different strokes to keep up the excitement in our mundane life!! Thanks Aakash and YD! Can't wait for the next round of Bicycle riding!


वेळ: Wednesday, December 16, 2009
पहाटेचा रामप्रहर, वाजे घड्याळी गजर| झोपेचं खोबरं, होतसे||
पेंगुळलेले डोळे, जड त्या पापण्या| स्वप्नांचा चक्काचूर, पहातसे||
दमदार जांभई, अन् आळस घेऊन| गजराचे घड्याळ, पुन्हा स्नूझमधे||
उषःकाल सरुन, मध्यान्ह जाहली| निद्राभंग झाला, गरमीने||
आढेवेढे घेत, पांघरुण सारले| उठावे लागले, नाईलाजे||
प्रातःर्विधी कारणे, न्हाणीघराकडे कूच| नेमक्यावेळी ते, व्यस्त असे||
तोवरी आदण चहाचे, ठेवावे गॅसवर| दिवसाची सुरुवात, अमृताने||
दंतमंजन लेप, घ्यावा ब्रशवरी| लेपून तोंडभरी, मौजे घासावे||
खळाखळ भरुन चूळ, मुखमार्जन पात्री| चेहरा धुवावा, साबणाने||
शुचिर्भुत होवून, प्रसन्न व्हावे| दिनक्रम आपुला, आरंभावा||
चहा वाफाळता, घ्यावा गाळून| सोबती रवंथ, बिस्किटांचे||
बैठक घ्यावी, लॅपटॉपसमोर| साईट विहार, प्रारंभावा||
ना स्क्रॅप कोणाचे, ना एकही ईमेल| तरी पेज रिफ्रेश, करित रहावे||
घटीका सरतील, निष्क्रिय अश्याच| गर्भी उद्रेक, वायुचे||
सारुन बैठक, घ्यावी विश्रांती| निमित्त करावे, न्याहारीचे||
शमवूनी भुक, वामकुक्षी घ्यावी| बागडावे आनंदे, संध्याकाळी||
रात्र होता परतावे, आपुल्या घरी| व्यवस्था करावी, भोजनाची||
आपलेच हात, अन् आपलेच पोट| जाणोनी करावा, स्वयंपाक||
चलचित्र पहाता, उदरभरण करावे| तृप्त व्हावे करुन, हे यज्ञकर्म||
पांघरुण पसरुन, द्यावी ताणून| निद्रिस्त व्हावे, शांतचित्ते||
स्वप्नांचा खेळ, खेळत झोपावे| असा न्यावा दिवस, पुर्णत्वे||
दिनचर्या अशीच, थोड्याफार फरकाने| होतसे रोज त्यात, नाविन्य नसे||
सौरभ म्हणे ज्याने, कंठीले आयुष्य ऐसे| आदर्श बेरोजगार म्हणूनी, गौरवावे||

(संत) सौरभ

Life's Big Lesson in a Small Scoop! 10

15 December 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am updating this section after a loooooooong gap! It was not that lessons weren't learnt in this span! Infact there were many! Its just that not all of them were drafted here!

Abb padh likh kar kiska bhala hua hai?????

I have a habit (You can call it a bad one) of uttering hackneyed dialogues and making fun of the highly cliched sentiments that our Hindi Cinema evokes @ times - rather ignorantly. One of my favourite one is to babel fish in a typical auntie like monotonous style, " Abb padh likh kar kiska bhala hua hai ?"(Read:Who has benefited out of Education anyways?).

Yesterday I had my Eureka Moment! As me and my hostel mates gathered for our regular late night "girl talks". And our regular bhanksss about films began. I began to utter the same dialogue. And I stopped mid-way. Rather my rational brain forced me to press the STOP button immediately.

"Padh Likh kar Kiska Bhala hua hai ?" My brain re-read, scanned and comprehended the dialogue. The answer came pronto: Mera aur Sabka. This was even more applicable in terms of women. I gulped my curiosity @ that moment and let it lie low for later contemplation. After everyone descended to their slumber the internal ratification began. I am 26 years old. Am independent!(yeah I can finally say that) Inspite of a crash I have landed to the safety of my own feet. Bruised but certainly not broken! And a major portion of the terra-firma beneath my trembling feet(apart from my loved ones) has been provided by no one else but my education.

There are girls in my hostel who have practically come from remote villages in Maharashtra. Some of them can hardly afford a metro-lifestyle. They prefer to walk their way around instead of spending Rs. 3 everyday on the "comfort" of overcrowded PMT Buses. They want to educate themselves and the world around them. They are taking pains of working part time and educating themselves because they understand that in a society that is ruled by the influence of ever-altering political, social and economical scenarios, it is education that will be their backbone.

Education today has stood firmly with many ladies who have absolutely no support in this world. With education comes financial Independence and it further reckons freedom to take individual decisions responsibility.

Just imagine the spate of us Indian women if we were born in an earlier time frame where situation was not conducive for women education. The vicious circle of poverty - early marriage - illiteracy - dependency - destitution would have continued. The anti-women literacy antagonists would have ruled the world and our atrocities as a second sex would have multiplied. Or for that matter even if we were born in a third world country that was not pro-women education and liberation, each day would have been so difficult to live.

I think we Indian women should really be grateful to the doyens of women education like Anandi Bai Joshi, Mahatma Phule & Maharshi Karve etc. It is only because of the relentless efforts of these people that many Indian women are Educated, Independent and Earning a living for themselves today!

What has education provided me??? The answer is simple! EMPOWERMENT- to stare the world in the eye, keep pace with it and challenge it!!!!

I got my answer!
I will never repeat that dialogue again!
I swear!
: )

English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 1

11 December 2009 वेळ: Friday, December 11, 2009
English dies a sad death everyday..And very brutally @ that!

And guess what, we kill it~

Here is one instance how..

The victim- the word " Functional"

According to Merriam Websters dictionary:

Main Entry: func·tion·al

Pronunciation: \ˈfəŋ(k)-shnəl, -shən-əl\

Function: adjective

performing or able to perform a regular function

—func·tion·al·ly \-ē\ adverb
ctional psychosis>—compare organic 1b

I have atleast heard 25 people at isolated instances using the world wrongly, in a totally different parlance colloquially!

They say- This dress is casual but I prefer functional dresses for special occasions.


This is a functional clutch- for everyday purposes I have another one.

1.e. the word functional is surmised as "related to function or special occasion"

when actually it means a regular function(activity).

It is high time that we correct this gross culpable linguistic gaffe immediately!


वेळ: Friday, December 11, 2009
It rains in the land of creativity and the ensuing " Thinker's drought" ends....

Rolling back the rusty pedals!

09 December 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, December 09, 2009
A couple of days back prof. came up with an idea of a cycling trip to Goa. ( It was my dream to ride the trail to Goa.) Yash's also willing to join us. Joined a cycling forum -

Last weekend I got back to my old rusty - Hercules MTB 9000. I had made some small modifications a few years back. Prof. helped me oil/grease/clean/shine the bike. Now its back in the condition to hit the road. Its been long time now, I've not been on a long bicycle ride. Dunno how long can we hold. We decide to ride to Pashan-Sus Road. An approximate return ride of 20-24 km.

We had Yash's - 18 geared Ranger Swing. Prof. is planning to buy a new bike. 3 of us to ride and two bicycles.

Finally we end up renting a Hero - JET cycle (city bike/dudhwala ka cycle) from Ratna Cycle mart. Cycle no. 9

I wanted to try riding the JET, We started from Bajirao Road. Soon a realised I was catching up a million stares from the passerby's. It was my Bob Marley bandanna, a haversack, T-shirt mentioning "Rock-on" and football shorts. I think they were'net used to see someone dressed like this on a JET cycle.

It took us a 180 min's to complete the whole circuit. The Hero Jet wasn't comfortable for uphill rides. We had to take numerous breaks.

We were expecting excruciating pains in our thighs and calves after the first ride, in the morning the expectations were negative.

Day 2: I started off with a good diet of 2 idlis and gulped down two raw eggs. It was a great ride of 90-105 min's. Listening to assorted rock playlist, makes it even faster. I try to take as many fly-overs on my way. After the long ride, gulp down 1/2 lt. of milk.

Even if the Goa trip doesn't work out, its going to help me tuck in my belly and melt some mayo!

1.If I keep on continuing these rides, the bicycle seat is definitely gonna get embossed in my butt. Time to change this hard seat now!
2.The vehicle drivers are the major turn off, when they pass by - making you reduce the whole momentum.....and now you're on the uphill pedaling to gain the momentum.

मी लिहतोय एक चित्र! (Mi lihtoye ek chitra)

वेळ: Wednesday, December 09, 2009
परीक्षा संपली पण जाग्रणाची सवय पडली ती पडलीच. कधी तरी असाच मूड येतो, आणि मग फ्ट्टा-फाट्ट कागद-पेन चा जुगाड लाऊन मग कंटाळा येई पर्यंत खरडत बसायच. मग कधी जास्तीच चेव चढला तर मग एखाद्या टेबल लॅंप चा पण जुगाड होऊन जातो. आज ही असाच काही मूड आहें, पण फरक इतकाच - कागदाच्या ऐवजी "क्विलपॅड" आहे.


अचानक आज धो धो पाऊस आला. रेनकोट नसल्याने फजीती झाली. वैज्यनाथ चा चहा संपला आणि बसल्या बसल्या रस्सयाची आठवण झाली. (घोंगडी घेऊन पावसात फिरण्याची मज्जाच और आहे!)


पुणे-सातारा महामार्ग -४ वर, खेड पासून एक १० कि. मी. पुढे एका धाब्यावर फक्कड गावरान कोंबडी मिळते. पुढे एक टेकाड आहे. ३०-४५ मिनिटांचा चढ आहे. वर पोहचल्यावर वस्ती दिसेनाशी होते. थोडी सपाट जमीन. मग मात्र गर्द झाडी चालू होते. वर सर्पणाची काही कमी नाही. पावसाळ्यात साचलेल्या चिख्लाच्य डाब्क्यात्ली माती उन्हात छान भाजून निघाली होती. त्यातच आम्ही आमचे सर्पण आणून रचले. डोक्याखाली जॅकेट घेऊन वर स्वच्छ आकाशाकडे टक्क लऊन पडून राहण्यात काय मज्जा सांगू, आणि आश्यात २-४ रान-डुक्रानी पीछा पुरवला! आहा हा! एका चुटकीत्त कोंबड्या पचतात.


दोनच रंग अस्तित्वात असावेत. कण्सा-सारखा पिवळा आणि आकाशी नीळा. वाळू सर्वत्र. ह्या प्रचंड वाळवंटात मोठ-मोठाल्या भिंती - पांढर्या- शुभ्र. एक- एक भिंत २० फुट तरी असावी. आत नाजूक नक्षीकाम आहे. खिडक्यात रंगीत काचा बसवल्या आहेत. एका मोठया कमानी खालून आत गेल्यावर, बर्‍याच लोकांची गर्दी होती. अचानक एक लहान मुलगा माझा हात धरून मला ती जागा दाखवू लागला.

त्याची सांगण्याची पद्धत पण वेगळीच होती. सगळ्या गोष्टी मला गाण्यातून सांगत होता. उजवीकडे एक चर्च होत.
मी आत वळणारच तोच त्याने माझा हात ओढत मला पुढे नेले. आत प्रवेश करण्यास एक वेगळा दरवाजा होता. लगेच चुक लक्षात आली.

परत एकदा गीत-भट्कन्ती सुरू झाली. आत लाकडी बकड्यावर बसलो. समोर बाइबल ची एक प्रत ठेवली होती. समोर एका कठड्यावर मेण्बत्त्या लावल्या होत्या. लोक कठड्यापासुन ३ पावला मागे येत आणि मग आपली प्रार्थना म्हणत.

सहज समोरच्या बाइबलच्या प्रती कडे हात गेला. पहिले २-३ पानं काही वेगळीच वाटली- ही प्रत १६८० सालची होती!!

तितक्यात समोर चा एक पदरी मोठी पाऊल टाकत जवळ आला, आणि हळु आवाजात पुट-पुट्ला -

मी त्याला समोरची प्रत दिली. त्याने ती उघडली. लगेच मिटून - दुसरी प्रत पाठवून देण्याचा शब्द दिला.

बाहेर निघालो तर एका कोपर्‍यात एक प्रदर्शन लावले होते.

लहान घड्यॅळापासुन ते मोठल्या घड्याळापर्यंत - फक्त एकच साम्य होत. सगळ्यांमधे आत्यंत सुरेख असे पेंडुलम बसवले होते. वेग-वेगळ्या संगीत वाद्यच्या आकाराचे घड्याळ बनवले होते. त्यांचे रंग ही फार आकर्षक होते.

सर्व प्रदर्शन बघून बाहेर पडलो, तर लख्ख सूर्यप्रकाश पसरला होता. शिशीराच्या झाडाला नवीन पालवी फुटली होती, वाळु ची जागा आता काळ्या मातीने घेतली होती.


ताज्या कॉफी चा सुवास नाकात दर्वळ्तोय. अजुन ही हवेत गारवा आहे. जमिनीत ओलावा आहे. ओल्या मातीचा वास येत का नाहीए? गवताचा वास येतोय. डोळ्यासमोर एक आकृती आली. एक बाटली काढून त्यातून वेनिला चा वास येणारं द्रव्य माझ्यावर ओतु लागला. अचानक दुखं कमी झाला. मॉर्फिन ने त्याचे काम केले होते. आता सगळे धूसर दिसत होते. मला कोणी उचलून नेत होते.

इकडे रंगच नाहीयेत. बर्‍याच आकृत्या दिसताय्त् इकडे. सगळे तरंगत आहेत. इकडे डाइमेन्षन्स नाहीयेत. ना प्रखर उजेड, ना सावली. काहीच हालचाल नाही, कुठलाच हाव-भाव नाही. एक नीर्विकार भावना घेऊन इकडे वाट पाहत होते. पुढे काय?

पहिल्यांदा सायक्ल चालवायला शिकलो, तेव्हा किती तरी वेळ ड्ग-मगत् , सावरत - धडपडत ........एका नंतर एक टांग मारत तोल सांभाळत...... कधी बॅलेन्स डावीकडे, तर कधी उजवीकडे. जो पर्यंत बॅलेन्सिंग ची जादू अवगत होत नाही, तो पर्यंता निव्वळ केयोस असतो. बॅलेन्स करणे जमले की मग सगळे कसे एकदम सुरळित होते. आयुष्यात पण बॅलेन्स करायची छडी मिळे पर्यंत केयोस असतो. नंतर त्याला "सेट्टेले" झाला असे म्हणतात.


रात्रभर लिहल्यावर, ०४:०० वाजता सायकल घेऊन दूरवर फिरवून आणायची. घरी येऊन सगळ्यात मोठा कॉफी मग भरून कॉफी बनवावी. तो मग घेऊन टेरेस वर एखादी उंच जागा बघून बसावे. शीळ वाजवत, कॉफी चाखत, सूर्योदय बघत दिवसाची सुरवात करावी.


अश्या रित्ये निद्रहीन रात्र ही सरते, आणि स्वतःला वेळ देऊन, आपले वैचारिक घोडे खुल्या मैदानात रपेट करून आणल्याचा आनंद ही होतोच म्हणा!

सोनाली कुलकर्णी

वेळ: Wednesday, December 09, 2009

(All pictures removed... Dedicated a blog for her... visit the blog सो.कु. will get updated soon)

सौंदर्याने पृथ्विवर पहिल्यांदा जन्म घेतला तो मधुबालाच्या रुपात, नंतर माधुरी दिक्षितच्या रुपात आणि आता त्याची नविन आवृत्ती आलिये ती सोनाली कुलकर्णीच्या रुपात...

(ह्या पोस्टला काय नाव द्यावे हे मला बिलकूल सुचत नव्हतं. मदनिका, सौंदर्याची खाण, कट्याराप्रमाणे काळजात रुतलेली नार, काय काय विचारांचे पतंग उडवले... शेवटी तिचंच नाव देऊन टाकलं.)

(वेडापिसा) सौरभ

Scribbler at work

03 December 2009 वेळ: Thursday, December 03, 2009
बर्‍याच वर्षांपूर्वी नागेश बनून लिहलेली एक गोष्ट आज दिसली. अचानक जुन्या आठ्वणी परत एकदा वाहू लागल्या.....
ब्लॉग वर टकावस वाटले.
Ctrl +C आणि Ctrl+V दबायला किती वेळ लागतो......
काही अभिप्राय असतील तर झरूर लिहा.


"सिद्ध्या हे काय? काय खेळलाय्स तुला तरी कळतंय का? अरे बेट्या फुकट खेळायचा म्हणून खेळू नकोस. चल फाजील पणा पुरे झाला, व्यवस्थित खेळ."
"अबे काय करू? बिडी मारायची जाम तलफ होऊ रायलीये, साला आणि तू पटकन गेम संपवत पण नाहीस."

"अरे पाप्या मग खालच्या गल्लीत-ल्या पोरं-बरोबर गोट्या खेळ ना!"
"नाय मला पॉकेट टेन्निस खेळायची सवय नाही रे!"

"चल पुरे कर, हे घे आता!"
"साला हा कधी सुधारणार", मी हळूच मनातल्या मानता पूट-पुटलो
"काय करणार रे? स्वभावच असा आहे!" सिद्ध्या
"आयला ह्याच्या मारी ह्याला कसे ऐकू गेले?", परत मनातल्या मानता.
सिद्ध्या एक भुवई वर घेत, आणि एखाद्या गवय्या-या ने सूर लावावा तसा हाव भाव करत , “ बस्स क्या भाई? तू कहे और हम ना माने?"

"बरं काय खेळ-लास?"
" काही खास नाही, NB2!"
"अबे हा तर ट्रिपल फोर्क पडला आपल्या वर! आता काय?"
आज सिद्ध्या ने लय जोर बसवला होता.
"चला आता अहिंसा बघवत नाही मला, हे घे!"
"सल्ल्या नेपोलियन च्या पोटी जन्मा का नाही घेतलास? तुझ हेच नाही आवडत मला, तू दंगली पेटवल्यास की मग सगळ्या प्लॅन्स चा बोऱ्या वाजवतोस."

"अरे मग आणखीन काय करणार?" वाक्या संपे पर्यंत सिद्ध्यने बघितले की आता निम्म्या होऊन जास्ती सैन्याची कत्तल होणार. आणि 5 सेकंदात, माझ्या मूव्झ सकट पुर्ण खुनी युध स्वताह: पार पाडले.

"चल मग आता तुला खेळायचाय" सिद्ध्या.

"हे घे!"
ढेकर दबावा तसा आवाज़ काढला आणि तोंडाचा चंबू करत त्यातून हवा सोडत पुरर्रर्र आवाज केला.

सिद्ध्या, "काय फरक नाही पडत मला. हे घे."
चान्स बघत मी परत दुसऱ्या दंगली पेटवायच्या हालचाली केल्या!
सिद्ध्या गालातल्या गालात हसला, त्याला लक्षात आला, आता ह्या नेपोलियन चा हिटलर होणार, तरी ह्याने तिकडे दुर्लक्षा केला!
मी आपला डोळ्यातून रक्ताच्या ओकार्‍या करत आणखीन एक डाव टाकला!
आणि सिद्ध्यला म्हणालो, आता बहुतेक 50 मूव्झ ची वेळ येणार.
सिद्ध्या कंदिलाची वात वाढवत म्हणाला, "मला नाही वाटत असं, घे!”
आणि मी खाली बघतो तर मी क्लियर चेक मेट झालो होतो!

"भेंडी सल्ल्या हा कुठून आला?"
सिद्ध्या, "तुझ्या दंगलीत वाचलेला हा एक बिशप!"

"वा पठ्ठ्या गुड रे! भीड लेका!"
म्हणत दोघा पण उभे झालो, आणि पटा-पट्ट कपडे चढवत पान-पट्टी वर पळालो.
खाली पान पट्टी बंद. अबे किती वाजले? दोघांनी पण मोबाईल स्क्रीन बघितला.

माझ्या मोबाईल वर शून्य दोन-शे उमटले होते! 0200
"फट्टू भूक लागली बे!"
"चल पहिले Swargate ला जाऊ, तिकडून स्टॉक घेऊ."
"बोक्या मला भूक लागलीये."
"साल्या तुझ्या मुळे गेम इतका वाढला, त्या तुझ्या मशीन चा फोन आला नसता तर त्यात तू एक तास वाया घालवला नसतासा. "
"अबे सकाळ पासून मशीनशी काही बोलणं झालं न्हव्ता, तुला कोणी मशीन पट्ली नाही म्हणून मला खिज़वू नकोस रे! "
"चला पुरे",
"काय खायचाय बोल?"
"आरे सकाळच्या पोळ्या आहेत!"
" त्या खेकडी ने 20 केल्या होत्या. आमच्या पोळी-वाल्या बाई च्या चालीला नज़र-अंदाज़ ना करता सिद्ध्यने तिला खेकडी नाव ठेवले होत!"
"हा बस्स! मग असा करू, स्वारगेट वरून बिड्या उचलू. "
"आणि काय तूप-साखर पोळी खाणार का?"
"नाय रे तिकडून 5 आलु-बोंडे उचलून घेऊ. म्हणजे पोळ्यान-बरोबर भाजी झाली!"
"तुझ्या कडे किती आहेत?"
"25 आहेत. तुझ्या कडे?"
"माझे मीटर डाउन आहे रे, इकडून तिकडून चिल्लर निघतील तेवढेच."
"चल फक्त बिड्या आणू! आणि घरी गेल्यावर काय खायच ते बघू."


E4 .E5
Nf3 Nc6
Bc4 Bc5
giuoco piano
पुढची मूव कुठली येते बघू थांब.

हा सटकलाय का? उगाच . . ओपनिंग वरून किंग्स इंडियन डिफेन्स का टाकतोये?

जाऊ देत, बघू सल्ल्याच्या मनात काय चाललाय…….
मी त्याचा Nf6 पिन करायला माझा बिशप बाहेर काढायचा निर्णय घेतला.
च्या-आईला हात उचलल्या जात नाहीय. चार भिंतीच्या मध्ये आपल्याला कोणी तरी बांधून ठेवलाय. एकदम गर्मी जाणवतेय, हवेतली उष्णता अचानक वाढलीए. तसच स्वस्थ बसवत न्हव्ते. आता काही हिसके देऊन हात मोकळे केले. उभा राहून हात – पाय मोकळे केले. आता बंदिस्त नसलो तरी अस्वस्थता जाणवत होती. दूर कुठे तरी आरडा-ओरडा एकू येत होता. कसली तरी हाणा-मारी चालू होती. चालताना नेहमी सारखा कंफर्टेबल वाटत न्हवत. विज़री च्या मागच्या खिशातून सिगरेट चा पाकीट काढायला गेलो, तर मागचा खिसाच गायब.
नाही हे काही तरी वेगळा वाटते. माझी जीन्स इतकी कशी जिरली?
मग कुठे माझा लक्षा कपड्यांकडे गेला……..
हा जोकर ड्रेस कुठून मिळवला? हे काय कैद्या सारखे काळे-पांढरे चट्टे-पट्टे वाले कपडे?
आता मी आजू-बाजूला पण लक्ष दिला. एक गोष्ट लक्षात आली की ह्या चारी भिंती काळ्या-रंगने रंगवल्या आहेत. ह्या भिंतीच्या एका फटी-तून बघितला तर इंग्लिश अल्फॅबेट्स मधला “सी” दिसतो.

आधीच अश्या गोंधळ-ले-ल्या अवस्थेत, आणि वरून हा लोकांचा कल्ल-कल्लाट. आता परत डावीकडच्या कोपऱ्यातून बघितला तर काही लोक दिसली. पण ह्यांच्यात काही हाता-पायी होत न्हव्ती. हे बघून एक गोष्ट क्लियर झाली, की आपण अजून ही पुण्यात आहोत!

तरी हे असा का होताय? ही कसली जागा?
तितक्यात माझ्या समोरची भिंत बरीच सरकली! आणि मी उडी मारून बाहेर पडणार तितक्यात, त्या भिंती च्या ऐवजी एक पांढरी भिनतं आली!

मी आपला एका कोपर्यात गप्प बसलो, बघू काय होताय ते!

परत माझ्या उजवी-कडची भिनतं पुढे सरकली. मी वाट बघत होतो, की आता ह्याच्या बदल्यात पांढरी भिंत येईल, पण असे काहीच झाले नाही. मी पालीकडे गेलो.
बाहेर बघतो तर काय –
सगळ्या इमारती पासून गाड्या-पर्यंत सगळे ब्लॅक अँड व्हाईट!
बघा तो B/W. भांडणाऱ्या लोकानं-मध्ये पण एक गंमत होती. हे भांडणं गोऱ्या आणि काळ्या मध्ये होत. पण हे काळे, नकटे न्हव्ते.
भांडण्याचा कारण काही कळ्ण्याचा स्कोप न्हव्ता, साले फक्त एक-मेकांना मारायच्या धमक्या देत होते. म्हणजे आपण अजून ही सदाशिव पेठे-त आहोत!

मग अचानक एक गाडी आली आणि ह्या सगळ्या लोकांना घेऊन गेली. अचानक रस्ते साम-सुम झाले! रस्ते ओळखीचे न्हव्ते, तरी आपल्याला आपला रस्ता शोधता येईल.
दिवसा सारखा उजेड न्हव्ता, ना रात्र झाली होती.
लांब लांब पर्यंत एक झाड दिसत न्हवत.
फिरता फिरता ज़रा मोठा रस्ता दिसला, म्हणून तिकडे वळलो!

पहिला पाउल पण टाकला नसेल तर पायात एक धमाका झाल,
आज काल काय रस्त्यांवर पण लँड माइन्स टाकतात की काय?
मग मी आपला सरळ चालत राहिलो. तरी अधे मध्ये काही लोक दिसत होते.
पण हे सगळे लोक मुखवटे, टोप्या घालून का फिरत होते?
असा ही नाही की काही खास मुखवटे होते, एकदम बाबा आदम च्या जमान्यातून आणले होते.
(आपण नक्की जुन्या बज़ाराच्या दिषेने चाललोये!)तितक्यात समोर एक माणूस येऊन थांबला, तो पण कदाचित अंदाज़ घेत असावा, पण ह्याचे कपडे ज़रा तरी बरे होते, मी तर तसल्या कापड्यांना टेकसास कपडे म्हणेन!
“का हो हा रस्ता कुठे जातो?”
ह्या माणसाने अगदी निर्विकार पणे माझ्या कडे एक कटाक्ष टाकला, आणि परत इकडे तिकडे बघू लागला.
“ओ, दादा मी तुमच्याशी बोलतोए, चूयिंग गम खात नाहीये.”
तरी हा काही सांगे ना.
साला भाव खातोए, म्हणून मी पुढे निघालो.

दूर तिकडे एक माणूस झोकांड्या खात येताना दिसला. (नक्की रात्र व्हायला आलीये!)

जवळ आला!
हा बेवडा न्हवत. ह्याने कुठे तरी बे-दम मार खाल्लाय!
असल्या जखमा मी कधीच पहिल्या न्हवत्या. त्याला ना चाकू ने मारले होते, ना गोळी ने. दगडाने ठेचाव तशी अवस्था झाली होती. जखमे-व.र माती चे पॅच-वर्क होते. त्याच्या अंगाचा तो रक्ताळ्लेला वास आता माझ्या नाकात घुसखोरी करत होता. आजू बाजूला घोंगावणाऱ्या माश्यान मुळे हैराण, काही असो, पण त्याला अश्या अवस्थेत सोडून जाणे हे गैर ठरेल, म्हणून मी त्याच्या कडे सरसावलो. मला बघून त्याने असे काही हाव-भाव केले, जसा काही मी त्याच्या चिते वर गोड शिरा बनवून खाण्या-साठीच आलोए. मी त्याला काही विचारणार, तोच काही लोका आले, आणि त्याच्या गळ्यात फास लावले. त्याला फरफटत-तत रस्त्यांवरून घेऊन गेले. त्यांच्या डोळ्यात एकाच ज्वाला होती. हात ज़री स्वच्छं दिसत असले, तरी त्या फासाचा दोर रक्ताच्या लोण्यात बुडवल्या सारखा होता.
ह्यांच्या बरोबर ‘नड-ण्यात काही अर्थ न्हवत. तरी जाता जाता एकाने माझ्या कडे बघितले. त्याच्या डोळ्यात तो गढूळ पणा न्हवत. त्याच्या डोळ्यात शांता आकाश दिसत होता. त्याने डोक्यावर एक मुखुट चढवला होता! पण हा मुकुट सोनेरी न्हवत, ना चंदेरी. एक वेगळाच टच होता त्यात. साधा काळ्या-रंगाचा हा मुकुट. त्यात मला एक ''Don Quixote’ दिसत होता.
जाता जाता त्याने माझ्यावर एक वाक्या फेकला, “सरळ जात राहा, पालीकडे पोचलास तर आपली परीस्थती सुधारेल, when you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achive it"

मी त्याच्या कडे एकदम चमकून पाहिले, ज्या शैलीत त्याने . मधला हे वाक्या फेकले, हा मला कसा ओळखतो? आणि माझ्या पुढे जाण्याने काय बदलणार होते? साली आख्खी दुनिया तर मतलबी आहे. मी पुढे गेलो नाही तर कोणी दुसरा जाईल. उप्पर वाल्याला काय फरक पडणार आहे? ठीसुळ पाया असलेला हा समाज. आणि ह्याच समाजातला एक प्राणी मला सांगतो, की फक्त तूच पुढे जाऊ शकतोस, तूच आपली परिस्थिती सुधरवु शकतोस.

मी समोर बघितला. तोच मंद उजेड, वाऱ्याची एक साधी झुळुक पण नाही. पण दूर डावी-कडे एक भक्कम इमारत दिसत होती. क्षण भर मी पण वाहून गेलो. पण मग त्या Alchemist च्या चेल्याची आठवण झाली. जाउन तर बघू एकदा, काय होईल ते होईल. तितक्यात मागून आणखीन 2 जाणा आले, माझ्या कडे लक्षा ही ना देता, भर-धाव वेगाने पुढे गेले. मी तरी रेंगाळत चाल-लो होतो. ह्या घाई च्या मरण्यात काय ठेवलाय तेच कळत्त नाही. आणि मग आठवते कसा आपण आपल्या आयुष्यातले ते बारीक बारीक क्षण गमावले.

--तो पावसाचा पहिला थेंब आपण छत्री वर झेलुन लांब भिरकावून टाकतो, तोच थेंब कधी हातात घेऊन बघा, भिजू-द्या तुमचा नवा कोरा शर्ट. शर्ट मिळेल पुन्हा, पण तो थेंब मग गवसणार नाही. पावसाळ्या-- उन्हाळ्याच्या मधल्या काळात आउटिंग ला निघून बघा. त्या ढगा-आडाचा सूर्य आपल्या नग्न डोळ्याने बघा, गॉगल चे रंग त्यात मिसळू नका. कधी म्हातारीच्या झाडा खाल्ली थांबून त्याच्या शेंगा फोडून, सगळ्या म्हाताऱ्या हवेत भिरकावून बघा. कॉलेज च्या वाटेवर असलेल्या त्या पेट्स-शॉप मध्ये लटकावलेल्या पिंजरयातला सोनेरी पक्षी बघा, खैर त्या पक्ष्या-ला स्वताह:-होऊन पिंजऱ्यात राहणं आवडत नसेल. पण आपण का मुद्दाम पिंजऱ्यात बस्तोए?

मगाशी सुसाट पुढे-गेलेले दोघे ही भिनतं अडवत होते. मला बघताच आरडा ओरडा करून मला जवळ बोलावून घेतले. मी तिकडे जाताच, म्हणे "पटकन आत जा."
“तुम्ही दोघे माझ्या साठी इकडे आलात?’
अरे इकडे परत सील पडला असता, तर अवघड झाल असता रे………..”
“पण इतका काय सीरियस झालय?”
“तुला माहिती नाही का? वजीर साहेब तुझी वाट बघतायत पालीकडे ‘

वजीर? सी1? ब्लॅक अँड व्हाईट दुनिया? जखमी लोक………
ही कुठली दुनिया आहे? इकडे मी कोण? माझा ध्येया काय?
मी ह्यांना इतका महत्त्वाचा का वाटतो? ह्या मागे ह्यांचे काही वैयक्तिक हेतू तर नक्कीच असतील. माझ्या ह्या निशध्येय चालण्याला काही फळ मिळेल असा वाटत न्हवत. हे सगळे आडवे-तिडवे शब्दा डोक्यात घेऊन मी पुढे चालत होतो.

विचारांच्या ओघात, माझ्या आजू बाजूची गर्दी कधी वाढली ह्याचा भान राहिला नाही. एकदम आजू-बाजूच्या धिंगण्या मुळे मी भाना-वर आलो. सगळे माझ्या कडे कौतुकने धावत येत होते, त्या गर्दीच्या मागे मला तो Don Quixote रूपी Alchemist चा चेला दिसला. त्याच्या ओठांवर एक विजयी हास्य फुलत होते. त्या गर्दी ने मला उचलून घेतला, त्यांचे हात काप्सा सारखे मउ होते, त्यात काही दिखावा जाणवत न्हवत. त्यांच्या खांद्यावरच मला पण 'Don Quixote' बनवण्यात आले, तोच मुकुट, तसेच कपडे.
ही कसली शरियत होती? आणि हे कसला बक्षीस?
त्या . च्या चेल्यानने माझे प्रश्ना ओळखले, जवळ घेत, तो माझ्या बरोबर थोडा पुढे चालत आला. पुढे एक कठड्यावर बसवत, माझ्या कडे एक स्मित-हास्य भिरकावून म्हणाला, आता तू पण वजीर झालास. मगाशी तुला सांगायला वेळ न्हव्ता, पण आता सगळे समजावून सांगू शकतो.”

आता पर्यन्त तुला तुझा ध्येय माहीत न्हव्ता, पण जे काही तू केलस ते आम्हाला अपेक्षित होतच. तरी ह्या चेस बोर्ड वर तू एक प्यादा म्हणून जन्म घेतलास, आणि आता काही क्षणा पूर्वी एका वजीराचा मान मिळवलास. प्रत्येकाचा एक वैषीष्ठ आहे. तू ज़री प्यादा असलास तरी काय झाले. तू नसता तर आता बराच काही आतासारखे नसते. कदाचित आपली पोसिशन दुर्बळ असती आणि पांढऱ्याची विन्निंग पोज़िशन. “ So always remember: whenever you feel frustrated with your work, just think about the job without you. there you will spot the importance of 'I'."“ तुझा एकत्र राहण्याचा स्वभाव उत्तम आहे, आता नोटीस केलास का? तुझयाच . चे इतर . पण वजीर का नाही बनले? फक्त फरक होता, ते पहिले पासून एक-मेकात गुंतून बसले. तू सुरवाती पासून थोडा आलिप्त असल्या मुळे पुढे सरसावलास, आणि पुढे टीमवर्क मुळे तू आणखीन काही पुढचे पाउल टाकलीस But hence forward remaining together and working out your progress would prove your sucess!

जा आता, You have to work out our victory!


मला आता आकाश साफ दिसत होते. सूर्योदय होत होता. पक्ष्यांचा किल्ल-बिल्लाट. आणि समोरच गुलमोहरांचा बहरलेला झाड! बहुतेक सिद्ध्या आणि मी काल रात्री चेस खेळत, बाल्कनीत झोपलो होतो.

टेबल वरच्या चेस बोर्ड वर आदल्या रात्रीचा अर्धवट गमे राहिला होता. मी ब्लॅक साइड कडून Pc6 खेळ-लो. तिकडे काळा वजीर माझ्या कडे बघून हळूच हसला!

-- नागेश


26 November 2009 वेळ: Thursday, November 26, 2009

२६/११/२००८ ला झालेल्या मुंबईवरील हल्ल्यातील सर्व हुतात्म्यांना भावपुर्ण श्रद्धांजली आणि मानवंदना

(नतमस्तक) सौरभ


25 November 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, November 25, 2009
(मला जरा वैतागून बसलेलं पाहून बंड्यानं माझ्या पाठीवर थाप देत विचारलं...)
काय रे, काय झालं? तब्ब्येत ठीक नाहीये का?
मी: काय सांगू बंड्या, आजकाल ऑफिसमधे पाय ठेवला रे ठेवला की प्रेशर जाणवतं.
बंड्या: काय बोलतो???!!!
मी: अरे नाहीतर काय. अगदी संध्याकाळी उशीरा ऑफिसमधून निघेपर्यंत प्रेशर असतं.
ऑ!!! पण तु दिवसभर प्रेशर सहन करत ऑफिसमधे कसा काय रे बसू शकतोस??? (बंड्याने निरागसपणे विचारलं.)
मी: काय करणार? (उसासा टाकत...) नाईलाज आहे... बसावं लागतं.
(दोन्ही हात वर करुन, ताणत मी मस्तपैक आळस दिला.)
अगदीच अस्वस्थ झालं तर सरळ ब्रेक घेतो. फ्रेश होऊन आलं की पुन्हा काम चालू.
त्यापेक्षा मग घरी का नाही आवरत तु??? (बंड्याचा प्रेमळ सल्ला.)
मी: छ्यॅ छ्यॅ (म्हणून मी बंड्याला उडवून लावलं)... मी ऑफिसमधेच सगळं उरकतो आणि मग येतो.
ऑफिसमधेच??? (गडबडलेल्या बंड्याची मान कावळ्यासारखी तिरकी झालेली.)
मी: ही ऑफिसची कामं ऑफिसमधेच करायची. उगीच घरी कशाला त्याचा व्याप.
ऑफिसची कामं!!!??? आणि ही अशी???!!! (बंड्याच्या चेहऱ्यावर आश्चर्य, गोंधळ, प्रश्न, अविश्वास आणि ईईई शी बाबा अश्या टाईपचे सगळे भाव एकवटून आलेले.)
मी: मग काय... असतात एक एक कामं. ऑफिसच्या कामांचं प्रेशर काय असतं हे तु ऑफिसला जायला लागशील तेव्हाच समजेल.
बंड्या: ओह्ह्ह्...(निःश्वास सोडत) ऑफिसच्या कामाचं प्रेशर होय... ते म्हणतोयस का तु???
(बंड्याला का कोण जाणे, उगीच हायसं वाटलं.)
मी: हो, मग काय? डेडलाईन जवळ आलीये. प्रोजेक्ट्स संपवायचेत. तुला काय वाटलं??? कोणत्या प्रेशरबद्दल बोलतोय मी???
बंड्या: मला वाटलं की...
(असं म्हणत बंड्यानं पोटावरुन हात फिरवला. त्यानं प्रेशरचा काय अर्थ घेतला ते लक्षात आल्यावर मी कप्पाळावर हात मारुन घेतला.)

(अंडरप्रेशर) सौरभ

The "W"

17 November 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, November 17, 2009
(Caution: This posting ain't designed like the other posts. If you think the following blog might have something entertaining to go through, I'm sorry. Google can provide ample of funn-blogs)

Long time I signed in to my blogger dash board.

Orkut and facebook no more attract me.

"I see a Red door and I want it painted Black"

Is it bubble or a vast space of blankness?

will it just be like my nondetachable shadow?

Why do I keep on feeling that I need to get spaced out for a while, at places like Pondicherry.....

"Oh does life get any better?
More yesterdays, than today"

Grab a book, start reading, I end up pondering upon the ideas. What if I get initiated as a freemason?

Khayalli-Pulao is good for relaxation!!

I tried asking the waiter at a favorite chai-joint, "Are you happy with your life?"
He Smiles.

The competition lies ahead. What after I win the race of time and success? Buy a HOME, Car, a high end PC......

What happens after a person is successful? Set new goals and run for them.
We all set our own goals (small/big) achieve them. In the mean while we experience notions like, joy, sorrow, anger, hatred, love, compassion..... Were we set in a loop? Are we a kind of unsuccessful code which was supposed to run correctly, but apparently it all went wrong. Did the coder just overlook the point of mentioning the purpose of the code?

What happened exactly so that the universal system came into existence?? What was the force that tugged the clouds of matter and anti-matter collide, forming the Big Bang?
As the Earth came in existence what have we achieved from the whole process of evolution.....
We managed to increase our standard of living, the rest of the wild didn't bother so.

Whats a thought process? Is it something that germinates in the brain/mind, or its a thought that's planted in your mind externally? On a random scan of frequencies, is it that we are radioed with various thoughts? Just need to know how to fine tune your transceiver.

Sitting by a fish tank in a dark room, you know there are numerous organisms in there. Being another organism amongst them might make us feel, the fish tank is the only place of living organisms. Do we happen to be "the beautiful people" in somebody's fish tank? The Universe isn't yet thoroughly explored, majority of it is just unrevealed.

A few years from now, our education system would be totally different. The focus would be on enhancing ourselves. May be they'd also design a "reset" button for everyone! Once you're successful, you've reached the pinnacle. Hit the reset button hidden at the back of your ear. Once again you're ready to learn something you wished to learn.

But still we stay in a loop.

"Someday we gonna rise up on that will you know
Someday we gonna dance with those lions
Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin'"

SDLC (सॉफ्टवेअर डेव्हलोपर्स लाईफ साईकल)

वेळ: Tuesday, November 17, 2009
कोण म्हणूनी पुसता मजसी, मी एक इंजिनिअर आहे,
मनुष्यांपेक्षा ज्याचे जिवन, यंत्रसानिध्यात गेले आहे...

कोडिंग करण्यात घालवले मी, तास अनेक अनेक,
दिवस रात्रीचे घड्याळ माझे, कधिच बिघडून गेले आहे...

दिवस अन् रात्रीतला फरक, वेळेला माझ्या कधी गमला नाही,
डेडलाईनचे घड्याळ मात्र, काटेकोरपणे अगदी पाळले आहे...

प्रोग्रॅम माझा प्रगत, करे वेळेची बचत,
बचत करण्यात ही, सारे आयुष्य खर्चिले आहे...

सगळेच कसे सोपे केले, बटण दाबताच कामे होती,
बटण दाबण्यासही कष्ट व्हावे, मनुष्य इतका आळशी आहे...

सोशल साईट्सच्या माध्यमातून, जगास मी जवळ आणतो,
पण स्वतःच्या नातेबंधांचा, विसर मज आज पडला आहे...

मोठ्या कंपनीत उच्च पदावर, लठ्ठ पगार कमावितो मी,
पैसा खर्च करण्यासाठी, बाजार सुखांचा शोधतो आहे...

(काव्यवेअर इंजिनिअर) सौरभ

Aghori Sadhu's - Indian Occult

11 November 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Was googling about "Aghori Sadhu's"
Passed by "The Truth"
Heres the link for you all.
Dont forget to read the comments till the end.

I thought this was very well compiled, and I see no point tampering the original words.


(Reference: Nashik Darshan)
Sitting along with the Sadhu at the banks of Godavari, talking about his various experiences.
I happened to mention Aghori tapasya, the Sadhu went silent for a moment.

Sadhu -"Aap kya jaante hain Aghori taap ke bare mein?"(What do you know about Aghori taap?)

Suddenly he went into an extremely foul mode. Every alternate sentence had an abuse.

The marijuana smoking sadhu looked even more furious in his bloodshot eyes.

"Aapko kaha ki samne jo hanumanjee ki murti hain, usse aapni chappal maro, karoge??"
"Moholle mein rote hue bacche ke baal kaat ke usspe vidya karte hain ye."

For a moment, I was struck. No point in shredding over this topic to greater extent.

The Aghori philosophy is misunderstood, thus standing an occult.

An Alternative

23 October 2009 वेळ: Friday, October 23, 2009
The one week old beard of mine was getting scratchy now. I decided to shave off the stubble's.

Here I stepped into the bathroom, gosh shaving cream seems to be absconding.

Just felt like trying out a new alternative! "Colgate - Gel"

Mann it worked out well, and the cooling crystals gave a perfect aftershave lotion effect.

Sometimes, even your shampoo / conditioner works well for the shaving foam.

And if you're running out of your aftershave try Listerine!

Listerine being a bacteria killer, can also be used as a deodorant.......

Stop giving those ugly looks, as if you've never opted for alternative's in your life :P

This would be an effort to make life more simple.

Someday i'd try Iodex for greasing my bicycle....

some more photographs

20 October 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Was browsing through my folders, came across some photographs waiting to be uploaded.

Travelling in a bus, when my seat was in the drivers cabin. I've started enjoying the ride from the "cockpit".

Also including the "Diya" from this diwali celebrations. Wasn't in a mood of playing with the shutter.

Orkut logo

17 October 2009 वेळ: Saturday, October 17, 2009

Orkut logo on 17th October 2009 on occasion of Diwali :)

(चिर्कुट) सौरभ

Sleepless in Shaniwar Peth!!!

वेळ: Saturday, October 17, 2009
What among the following factors contribute the most to you turning into an insomaniac due to sleepless nights ?

1. Bed Bugs
2. Painful Breakup
3. Coffee
4. Nostalgic dreams
5. Exams
6. Work Load

My Observation:
All of them are equal partners in the crime....Just not in that order..hehehehehe

I like!

16 October 2009 वेळ: Friday, October 16, 2009
Where the mind is without fear and the head held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection; Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit; Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action; Into that heaven of freedom,my Father, let my country awake.

.......Rabindranath Tagore

हिम्मत करने वालों की हार नहीं होती।

वेळ: Friday, October 16, 2009
Indeed a very beautiful poem that I came across Today by late Mr. Harivansha Rai Bacchan. The last para holds a very special place in my heart!! It inspires......

लहरों से डरकर नौका पार नहीं होती
हिम्मत करने वालों की हार नहीं होती।

नन्ही चींटी जब दाना लेकर चलती है,
चढ़ती दीवारों पर सौ बार फिसलती है,
मन का विश्वास रगों में साहस भरता है,
चढ़कर गिरना,गिरकर चढ़ना न अखरता है,
आखिर उसकी मेहनत बेकार नहीं होती ,
कोशिश करने वालों की हार नहीं होती।

डुबकियां सिंधु में गोताखोर लगाता है,
जा-जाकर खाली हाथ लौट आता है,
मिलते न सहेज के मोती पानी में,
बहता दूना उत्साह इसी हैरानी में,
मुठ्ठी उसकी खाली हर बार नहीं होती,
हिम्मत करने वालों की हार नहीं होती।

असफलता एक चुनौती है स्वीकार करो,
क्या कमी रह गयी,देखो और सुधार करो,
जब तक न सफल हो नींद चैन को त्यागो तुम,
संघर्षों का मैदान छोड़ मत भागो तुम,
कुछ किये बिना ही जय-जयकार नहीं होती,
हिम्मत करने वालों की हार नहीं होती।

-------- Harivansh Rai Bachchan


वेळ: Friday, October 16, 2009
आज मी ट्विटर ह्या संकेतस्थळावर नावनोंदणी केली.
तुम्हाला जर मी केलेला चिवचिवाट ऐकायचा असेल तर खालील दुव्यावर भेट द्या.
तुम्हीदेखिल ह्या संकेतस्थळावर नोंदणी करुन सभासद व्हा. म्हणजे आपल्याला एकच थवा करुन सामुहिक चिवचिवाट करता येईल आणि सहजपणे एकमेकांच्या संपर्कात राहता येईल.

(चिमण्या) सौरभ

विशुभाऊ आणि माझ्यात झालेला वार्तालाप...

वेळ: Friday, October 16, 2009
Vishal: नमस्कार,
तुम्हांला व तुमच्या सर्व कुटुंबीयांना विशुभाऊ रणदिवे व परिवारातर्फे दीपावलीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.
ही दीपावली तुम्हाला सुख-समाधानाची, आरोग्याची, ऐश्वर्याची ठरो व तुमचे सर्व मनोरथ पूर्ण होवोत, अशी श्री स्वामीचरणी प्रार्थना.
saurabh: (गळाभेट) आपणासही दिपावळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा
Vishal: धन्यवाद

saurabh: या... विशुभाऊ... या... फराळ करुयात...
Vishal: नक्कीच
घ्या हे लाडू आणि करंज्या घ्या

saurabh: (दोनदा टाळ्या मारुन...) कोण आहे रे तेथे??? फराळांचे तबक आणा...
धन्यवाद विशुभाऊ...

Vishal: (स्मित हस्य करत) काही गरज नाही... आपल्या आग्रहातच सगळ मिळाल
(एक भुवई ताणून) कधी येणार ह्या भारत देशी परत?

saurabh: हे घ्या... आमच्या मातोश्रींनी खास भारताहून हा फराळ पाठवला आहे... साजूक तुपातला
हि चकली... किती खुसखुशीत आहे...

Vishal: (चाखत) खरच फार अप्रतीम आहे
saurabh: मातृभूमीची आस खुप लागून आहे... पण सध्या आम्ही महत्वाच्या स्वारीवर आहोत...
Vishal: (ताट पुढे करत) हा रव्याचा लाडू बघा चाखुन... तुमच्या वहिनींनी केला आहे
स्वामी आपणास यश देतीलच... तरी आमच्या शुभेच्छा

saurabh: (खुशीत...) वाहवा... लोण्यासारखा विरघळला... अतिशय चविष्ट आहे... (एक संपवून आता दुसरा...)

Vishal: घ्या हो सगळे तुमचेच आहेत

saurabh: स्वामी यश नक्कीच देतील ह्यात शंका नाही. ते लवकर पदरी पडो हिच अपेक्षा..
विशुभाऊ... आपला कारभार कसा चाल्ला आहे?

Vishal: धंदा मंद आहे... पण नोकरी ठिक आहे

saurabh: ह्म्म्... संसार व्यवस्थित आहे ह्याहून अधिक ते काय हवे...
आपल्या उद्योगधंद्यात मनाजोगती प्रगती होवो...

Vishal: धन्यवाद

(वार्तालापि) सौरभ


15 October 2009 वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009
Last Tuesday, a holiday. I was visiting Prof.. After a while of studying, I just felt like listening to Vividh-bharti radio station. It was a semi cold cloudy morning, spiced up with the back to back kishore kumar's songs. I cast out a look......the weather's worth sitting at some distant dhaba, with chai and poha.

Prof.'s got radio on his mobile, we carry the mobile along......there's a small tea vendor near his place. We settled on a khattiya.

Call up rest of the 'janta' for lunch at 'water front'. Either they've got work or theres no mode of conveyance.

The plan couldn't hold shape. We decide a gujju-breakfast. We bought some jalebi's and Lassi. Couldn't find Fafda........ parceled the goodies.

Had a great filling breakfast by the cannal.

Pizza Corner @ Rajaram bridge!

वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009

There's been a flex flashing > Pizza 25 Rs onwards. We were planning a visit, but every time we ended up procrastinating the program. A few days back me and Prof. hit the roadside "Thella".

The "Thella" is located on the Karvenagar end of the Rajaram bridge, on a private piece of land.

As we stepped by the "Thella", the owner gave us a broad smile. The Flex hanging around his modular kitchen cum pick up window displayed the variety of pizzas he could compile.
The owner - Mr. Hemant Gawli suggested us to go for 'cheese chilly corn pizza'. The sweet - spicy taste of the corn-chillies was amazing.

Mr. Gawli has a company of two, to help him out to serve the best. Sandeep Dighe and Jagdish Pawar. Four years back Jagdish had left his school. Now he's scoring hard to complete his schooling.

The Trio puts up their best efforts to maintain hygiene.

Mr. Gawli claims to serve near about 50 customers a day. Most of their customers are students from the Sinhagad institute.

I wont compare it with the famous chains like Pizza hut or Papa Johns, but the pizza's here got a desi spicy taste which you can definitely try.

A bookmark!

वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lazing around in my room, I grab my camera and start shooting abstract pictures. The title i'd thought while clicking this one >>

"No one to Hangout? Start Reading!" - Crosswords :P

Another evening fiddling with my camera

वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009
After a busy day, caught up with friends for chai.Everything's moving out so fast! Once again life seems to have gained pace. Playing around to capture motion trails. On reaching home liked the photograph, for the cyclist and the pedestrian in a motion.

A trio of elderly "youngsters" had also dropped in for the same. I thought of practicing a portraits. Here's the best expression with light I could manage. Sorry......I've got some dust on my lens :-ss

From Batcheet Bak-Bak Aur Bahot Kuch

Diary 2006 contd...

07 October 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, October 07, 2009
10th August 2006

While reading the editorial column of Times Of India , came across an article - "Working together for a World without war" by Daisaku Ikeda. I'd like to add on a small extract from the article.

"I always remember what Joseph Robalt, emiritus president of the pugwash conference's on science and world affaris, said to be on ridding the world of nuclear weapons and war."When a small stone is thrown into the pod, the ripples travel widely out from the center. The ripples may become less powerful, they still do not completely disappear. Every person has the power to create a ripple to change the society. If these efforts are channeled through NGO's inevitably the power to influence society will grow.....If we unite, we can change the world. It might take time, but viewed from a long term perspective, the people will be victorious in the end."

Not So Mundane Dialogues! 2

05 October 2009 वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009
Sheer CREATIVE NONSENSE DIATRIBE as discussed by baba bongs and me
on Sep 26 on gmail chat!

Me: hehehe
ani gf wagre
kon navi britneyla bye kelas ka?
ata kon gathliyes

Saurabh: britney kon...???

Me: britney bongale

Saurabh: hehe britney spears.... ticha marathi madhe surname... britney bhalerao asel


Saurabh: lol


Saurabh: britney bongale... porancha naav... britania bongale

naav mala

Saurabh: :D

mag loka mala british bongale pan mhantil

Me: hahaha
masta ahe
tu kalwaycha mulga
california la
naav kadhlas
british bongale

Saurabh: lolzzz
to ek dialog aahe mahitiye ka...
anand bombay to goa jake don bann gaya
kalva ka koli kali jake british bongs bann gaya
Sent at 1:47 PM on Saturday

Me: hehehhe



Me: hahaha
apan picture banvoo tujhawer

Saurabh: ha...
aare megh...
story dokyat aali pan...
kalvyachya khadi var ek choti hodi
tya hodid ek nakhva...
typical koli costume madhe...
to me...
mag kalva khadi madhe tufaan yenar... 26 julya cha paoos...

Me: hahahaha
ani tu beshusddha

ti hodi samudrat janar

Me: paadtos

Saurabh: me behosh

nantar hosh madhe yenar tevha samor swatantrada devi cha putla
statue of liberty

hahahah ?? Wah kya Doka hai tumhara dost.

Saurabh: :)
mala samajnar nahi...
me valhat valhat US madhe entry karnar...
mag tikde mala pirates milnar...
aani te hamla karnar... pan

Me: Mag Kahani Mai twist......tula immigration wale pakadtil

Saurabh: nahi nahi....
aik tar story


Saurabh: me marathi manus... aapan warrior...
me tya pirates cha mitha jahaj... budavnar...
majya chotya hodi tun me tyanchyavar jaala taknar...
tya jahajat mala hostage milnar

Me: bara sang...bolo bolo tell tell

Saurabh: tila pirates chya tavditun me vachavnar...


ti immegration sagla handle karel... green card milnar mala lagech

Me: ani mag bush kaka

Sauarbh: ticha naav britney thevu

tujha shall wa shrifal satkar karnar
pan towar

Saurabh: ho...

Me: aliens hamala karnar

Sauarbh: aani mag kolyachi lungi aani laal topi jaoon tya jaagi suit boot aani hat yenar

pan aliens cha kay

Sauarbh: ha aanu tyanna pan...
te kasa honar...
ki maja satkar mhanun te mala cali cha ek lake bakshis denar
me tikde panyat ek palm beach type motha hotel bandhanar
maja swatacha 5 * cruse asnar
tikde panyatun armagaddon sarkha koni tari ailen yenar
pan majhi heroin ji aahe na...
tichyakade super natural powers asnar...
mermaid sarkhi ti masa hou shakel...
mag tichya mdatine me tya alien la haravnar....
aani asha prakare me aani majhi heroin jagala vachavnar....
aani mag sagli kade aanandi aanand
happy ending mhanun bongs britney chi family.... lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
movi hittt hai bhaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy
house fulll
wht say...

arrey wah
spielberg la vikuyat ka story

aani mag.... achanak... punha ek jordar tufaan yenar...
me punha kuthe tari vahat janar...
mag saglyanche dole ughadnar....
aani kalvyachya khadi madhlya chotyashya hodit... tyach kolyanchya dress madhe me asnar...
wah wah...
subhan allah.... excellent story baap....
Me: arrey wah
tussi gr8 ho

Saurabh: :D
blog lihi hyacha...

Me: haha
tahamb hi akkhi
story blog wer takte

ha taak...
Saurabh: tu pahili audience hya movi chi.. first critic...

Me: Sure.....

My AHA Moment!!!

वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009
The Ultimate Dilemma:

A few days back I was facing a deadly internal battle. A slew of open-ended questions were circulating round and round in my brains--- both cortex and amicdala J
Should I or should I not?
Will I be able to recreate the magic?
Will I be able to pull this off?
Will I be able to live upto the expectations of people who have entrusted me with this responsibility?
What if I cannot make it?
It has been eons since I felt the fire in my face?
Should I take my chances or just chicken out?
It has been 6 years since I last held the MIC in my hands?

After all, it was an opportunity in itself to become a Master of the Ceremony at an Official Function.

So I said yes……..

A little bit of background:

These exact kind of questions gripped my mind back in July 2001. I was selected for our College K.J. Somaiya Arts and Commerce’s Cultural Forum- Literary Department after appearing for the written test and 3 Interviews with the CF Panel, Vice-principal and Principal.

I was given the job of hosting the inauguration function. I had never done this before. It was a maiden attempt.

I remember the first time I went on stage I was gripped by a jumbled feeling. There was happiness of facing the challenge and there were butterflies of a lot of “ifs” and “buts” hovering in my stomach. I remember standing there looking the audience in their eye with a smile. Assuring myself that I can do it and then beginning to host the function.

But I somehow knew that I was cut for stage. So I took up the challenge head-on. And after that for 3 consecutive years I hosted more than 10 programmes in front of a crowd over 700 people.

Present Day Situation: Continued

I said yes but there were a lot of things that needed to be contemplated. It was different to host a programme in front of 700 cherubic youngsters who looked forward for all the fun and hosting a show in front on your employers and guests was a different ball game all together.

I was going to host a full-fledged corporate function which was going to be graced by national and international dignitaries and an audience of a whopping 200 people. And I had less than 2 days to prepare. There was heavy performance pressure and I didn’t want to blow my chances at this opportunity.


I saw my quote calendar- It read “ There would be nothing to be frightened of if you refuse to be afraid”

And I assured to myself- What the heck – I can’t keep on brooding – I need to start practicing the one lettered Golden rule “PREPARE”
So then began a tedious phase of scripting, rehearsing and re-rehearsing AGAIN!

Thanks to all my friends who patiently gave me a keen ear, their precious time and genuine feedback & helped me in practicing the act!!!

And then the D-day arrived:

There I was all dressed up appropriately very much looking my part….hoping that I would speak my part fluently as well.

Familiar Feeling:

Do you know the feeling when you suddenly find something you lost years ago. And you find it in exact intact position. That’s what I felt! Once I went on the stage, faced my fears, coaxed myself in giving my 200% I could sense the positive energy that filled me.

Revelation: I found out that no matter how the circumstances change for an individual, his/her innate positive talents and traits never completely vanish. They remain, waiting to be re-explored!

Of course I went with the flow and did put up my fumble-free, confident, expressive best performance! More than the abundant appreciation I received from my peers I think what was best was that it gave a facelift to my sagging self-worth.
The feeling: Absolute Sense of Achievement in its Simplest Form.

I remember my personality Coach Ritika Ramtri Mam telling us: “You cannot grow until you challenge yourself” back in May this year.
I know she was right. I experienced it. I guess it works wonders!

Finding @-NIL!

वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009

Last weekend when I was home, my mom made me clean some of my old books and papers! It was a different feeling rummaging through my old homework in pink ball pen, doodles, receipts of library for over-due books, speeches, scripts of my dramas, small poems, tit-bits about sweet nothings, messages written to friends during lectures, study time-tables which were never followed, sheets full of paper games like love percentage, x and o, bricks etc. It was fun going through all the memories of my pre-graduate years. On one of the sheets I found a Phone Number with Anil M written beside it. Hmm Anil Mukundan! My College Buddy! Anil was one year senior to me! I had been trying to find Anil on the Social Networking sites but couldn’t. I was super-elated to find his number. I just prayed that it would be still in a working condition.

Circa 2001 -2003
I, Anil and Rupesh were inseparable pals in our college days. We shared a great wavelength. We participated in dance, dramas and all the social activities together. We hung out at each others houses after college and went for movies etc. I was in first year, Anil was in second year and Rupesh was in third year. Anil though very tall and heavy would give any lean dancer a run for his money. He danced with high voltage energy levels. Anil used to call me his little guinea pig. As he studied Psychology he needed constant bakras to haul up and take to his HOD as subjects. I always became his bakri. I used to go with him as a subject in our college as well as Mumbai University, Kalina Campus for his Masters Degree. All his Psycho- Friends (read those who studied MA in Psychology) became my pals. We both had a very bad habit of breaking into long sporadic laughing spurts. He was my DAD in our serious college drama and we broke into giggles at nothing and would not stop soon. So much so that our Director had a tough time controlling us. One afternoon we both sat on a bench on Vidyavihar station and started talking in weird noises ( read in a voice that resembled the noise that comes when a record player gets stuck)so much so drawing the attention and curiosity of the by-standers. Anil had a vast female following and we even betted if he would become the rose king of the year!! We always addressed each other as Kaminey and Kamini!! All three of us used to go and sit at Nariman Point and talk about where we wanted to take our lives! Anil always wanted to go Mollywood to try his luck. But now he is a HR professional. I guess that still gives him a scope to try his acting skills. Hahaha. Except for Rupesh, I think none of us got what we wanted!!! But I guess it’s all a part of the game!! hehehe

Hurriedly I dialed his number and guess what it rang!!! Anil picked up and after doing a lot of TP I told him who I was. It had been 6 long years and life had changed its tracks. I could sense the happiness in his voice. He told me how even he had tried to get in touch with me. We jabbered for almost an hour about his shifting of house, his career with Citi Bank, his fiancé, his x-girlfriends, his family, myself etc. It was absolutely gr8 to get in touch with you @Nil- Hope we never loose touch now!!!!

It is so kewl to find a old friend again by a strange stroke of luck!!! : )

The Haunted Heart!

वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009

Time is trying hard…Fading your worthless memories
Trying to heal my wounds perhaps…

But how will it delete the sorrow
That’s etched painfully on my heart?

For years it shall remain constant and depositing
Like a self-inflicted burden on the soul

Bringing to life with every moment of truth
The ghosts of yesterday from the Graves of our past………

-By Me


वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009
We all've tried calling up spirits - via - planchet, at least once in our life time. Each one's got a different experience. Here I pluck another experience from my memories.


At the dinner table we (Mihir, Vijay and me) were discussing existence of spirits. Mihir was putting in a load of positive reports. He had tried it a few years back, they had recalled his grandpa. He gave us a second hand experience about planchet.

That day after our dinner, me and Vijay were desperate to try out doing planchet. From the very begining Mihir was reluctant to help us. By midnight we were all set for the experience. An A4 size sheet was used to draw the required format - A to Z, 0-9 and YES, NO. We managed a mini steel bowl as our cursor. According to our knowledge we'd done everything we had overheard and read. We lighted a kerosene lamp, a few incense sticks were alighted. I pinned down the sheet on an engineering drawing board. Mihir was done giving every excuse for not joining us.

After meditating the name of the person we wanted to recall from the past, we received our first shock.

Vijay was finding it difficult to breathe. I managed to regain his breath by pumping his chest with my palms crossed. He soon regained his breath. As both of us took a huge sip of water. By the time Mihir was in the room.

For a while we discussed the procedure, and the loop holes we'd left.

After a while Mihir pointing the drawing board - "Aabe ye paper aise kyu jalaya hain?"
As we paid our attention to the paper, small curve-shaped border was burned out from the paper. Me and Vijay both denied of doing it.

Even after the first shot, we prepared ourselves for the second session.

Even this time, Vijay finds it difficult to breathe. I try helping him breathe by pumping hard, Mihir poured a glass of water, and in the meanwhile - Vijay pushed me off with his left hand. I had never seen him get so harsh. I landed almost 5-10 feet behind. It ain't easy to just push off with such ease. I called off the planchet programme. Pulled out the mini steel bowl, and suggested a small walk.

By then Vijay was taken over. He saw some weired colors. To describe the color he asked me to get off the yellowish shade from yellow shade. There was some kind of red colored water around. Then we tried asking Vijay his own name, and he didn't reply back. He's eyes moving in an indifferent manner confirmed something abnormal. Mihir attempted an escape from the room, Vijay gave him a very unfamiliar stare. "ऐ कुठे जातोस? थांब."

Finally we convinced him for a cup of chai at swargate.

We reach Swargate:

Ordered for chai. By the time chai came, we made him gulp down two glasses of water. It was almost 0215 hours. He constantly gave us strange looks. On asking him what was his name? He refused to tell, in a very childish tone. Splashing cold water and slapping vijay was helping us keep him on his own feet. Our slapping was gathering up more observers. Once again Mihir slapped him to confirm he was having tea. Affirmative. This time the order was for fout tea's. There was someone standing close to us, an imaginary body only visible Vijay. As the chai came, we all gulped down our tea. As we felt a bit relaxed after the tea. once again we started slapping him. it didn't take much to soak him in water, and slap his cheeks to red.

As I was busy on a phone call, Mihir was having a bad time controlling Vijay. A bunch of college students were having their chai. Vijay started speaking about them. He started from appreciating the innocence, and then told Mihir - They'd soon meet up with an accident at Erandwane. And one of them might have to face mortality.

Now in this condition Vijay wouldn't let us sleep, or even have some rest. We'd decided to drug him with a sleeping pill. On "our" way we picked up a few sleeping pills at a 24 X 7 pharmacy. As we entered the gate, once again vijay started sobbing, asking for apologies to a kid. He was convincing that the kid (some random kid) fell in the well by his own mistake. It wasnt Vijay who had pushed him in the well. Then suddenly he started talking in the air.

He was followed by some non existing charachters, who he didnt want to talk to.

Fortunately he soon dozed of to sleep.
As we woke up in the morning, it had rained. Vijay woke up, showing as if nothing had happened last night. On asking him, he didnt remember a single part of it.


And now its been almost 2 years! we still have a shiver whenever we all talk about the planchet.

Google logo

03 October 2009 वेळ: Saturday, October 03, 2009
Google logo on 2nd October 2009 :)

(गुगल्या) सौरभ


वेळ: Saturday, October 03, 2009
In last few months I ran through some funny teaching experiences. Here're some for you.

Last winter I used to teach a kid as a part-time as a home tutor.

I gathered a great amount of experience as well as freely experimented different tact's for teaching. This guy had flunked all his subjects in his prelims. We were working hard for improvement of scores. The kid depicted a preying mantis. Bulging eyes, weak body, brush hair type. We used to find it comfortable to catch up at 0430 hours in the morning.

I came across the most wiered name. Sarish had a school teacher named > Samuel Chitale!

One fine morning I had a fitness fits. I was jogging my way to his place. I was in a denim, a T-shirt and a Shabnam. The police patrolling van on the round spotted me running on the street. I was stopped for the enquiry. As I informed them about my details and purpose, I scored a lift in a patrolling van. :D

I still remember that evening, I was called up for some difficulty busting. I had no prior notice. My evening schedule was procrastinated by 1 or 2 hours. By the time I reached his place I had cultivated a good amount of sourness. I was struggling to hammer in the mathematical procedure to solve the numerical, and his younger sister was constantly smashing my efforts. She claimed she was bored, and had nothing to do, and she wanted me to suggest her something. The first thing that hit me was > Somersault's! I explained her the route for her somersault's........and the girl (5-6 years young) started that instantly! I scored 2 disciples there ;)

Had a hearty laugh at the girls behaviour as I sat describing the incidence to my friends! lol

Ketaki had scored me an off once. She called up Sarish's mom, pretending my aunt. And managed to convince that I was unwell. Thanks for that Ketaki :)


This summer, I was at home spending my vacation. My mom cant stand me sitting jobless staring the T.V and step jumping the channels. Our maid's son was (supposed to be) weak at maths. Mom asked her son to visit us every morning. I was set on 2 tasks. Wake up by 0800 hours, and teach a...........

I saw his text-book. It was all in marathi. As I was unfamiliar to solving numerical in marathi, I took a moment for buffering. Then I started with Squares and Square Roots. With a brief introduction to the topic we proceeded to the illustrative examples. just to test his grasping speed, I asked him the Square root of 16. He took a while and answered - "32?" he saw my expression's change. He fired his second guess - "8." Okay, this guy was weak at tables. A few minutes later Hemant was struggling to find the square root of 4.
We was totally a foreigner to the concept of tables.

We spend time clarifying the differences between 68 and 86.......the Grade VIII kid was having great difficulty at maths.

Day 3:
I discover his position in maths. On being asked 1x1 =? I fielded various answers in my gloves! right from > 11 to 2!

Day 4:
We start with even and odd numbers.

Hemant had some kind of fear regarding maths.
Had he been blessed with a good maths teacher in his childhood, today he wouldn't have to face the humiliation of detention. It was not that he had a very low IQ. it was just maths what kept him at a distance from maths.

The fear against maths is hyped in our childhood. Each and every of the numerical is simple. Just lack of good teachers makes maths monotonous.

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