why '?' instead try for '!'

31 May 2010 वेळ: Monday, May 31, 2010
Life is a big Question mark '?', usually... We always keep it like that, like a puzzle, a mystery, or may be a problem. And always try to find the solution, answer... But of what??? What do we try to solve? What do we try to answer to? of something (the question/puzzle/mystery) which is not clear, which is not understood or may be... which doesn't exist... then how can we get the answer/solution??? And when we don't get it we start feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, lost, feel like a looser, become unhappy...

But really did we fail? We did try, right? Still then, why??? See how one big ? turned into many many ?s. Why? Because the approach was wrong. Well, Life is full of puzzles, mysteries, problems, big big ? marks. But instead of keeping it like that, I mean keeping like a ? and solving it, put some efforts to make it a straight, like a !, ahha... exactly, an Exclamation mark. And see the wonder.... Aabra-ka-Dabra...  >:poof:< all the worries are gone... Now life is no more a Mystery... its a wonderful Surprise... See how your straight face taking beautiful shape with a curve of a dazzling smile :-)

(!solved!) Saurabh

ता.क.: मला माहित नाही वरचा लेख का लिहला. खाली घर दिमाग का शैतान म्हणतात ना, तसला प्रकार. प्रचंड आळसावलो आहे. करायला काहि नाही. उगीच मेंदूवरची विचारांची धूळ झाडली आणि हे तत्वज्ञान पाजळलं. बसल्या बसल्या आपली बाबागिरी. तरी तुम्हाला आवडलं असेल तर चांगल्या प्रतिक्रिया द्या. म्हणजे कसं, मला हि बाबागिरी जोड-व्यवसाय म्हणून करण्यास प्रेरणा (पोट्टी नव्हे) मिळेल. ४ पैकं सुटेल हो.
आणि आवडलं नाही तर...... तर तुमचा बुद्धीविकास म्हणावा तितका झाला नाही असे समजावे. पुढल्या वेळेस अश्यांकडून दुप्पट दक्षिणा घेतली जाईल. :)


29 May 2010 वेळ: Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cast away on the wings of dreams and detritus

Fly afar to a place not beaten, a place completely new

And between this journey – to a destination novel and back

Give a thought to- what was gained and what was lost

Two trodden steps towards your regular mundane thoughts

Revert with three callous de-tours on en-riching creativity

And there you land, back to where you started

The flight of your musing shattered even before it took off

Guarded in the rich isolated ivory tower

Locked away is the jaded prisoner of innovation

Who awaits there silently to be set free

By the bravura of your out-of-box imagination

- By Me!

Impact of Creativity and Innovation Workshop - 22nd May, 2010

सप्ताहांताचे खासे बेत

19 May 2010 वेळ: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(खादाड) सौरभ


16 May 2010 वेळ: Sunday, May 16, 2010
I stand in front of the mirror
Look at me,
Not a hint of who I was years ago
Smile, should I or just shrug the idea of change

Am here but am not
somewhere in your thoughts always lost
A lot of "Why" raise a personal hell
And then I remember the sweetness of your smell

However hard have I tired
to forget you and our footfalls
I will never love anyone ever again......
Coz I can't think of getting over your pain......

I cacoon myself from the world outside
Bracing my soul tightly inside
Like a candle dwindling in the aggressive wind
I put up a fight for my "me" to survive

Every heart beat cries your name..
I am suppose to hate you ain't I?
In the exact same way you hate me..
But look, how miserably I fail every time

You failed to forgive and I fail to forget
Living in today but not letting go of yesterday!!
Love is a strange word
And so is all the memorabilia attached with it

By Me!

Venue: Lakadi Pool, Pune
7 Pm
23rd May, 2010

संत्रवाणी - साधेपणा

07 May 2010 वेळ: Friday, May 07, 2010
|| श्री आळसोबा प्रसन्न ||

कोणत्याही साध्या दिसणाऱ्या गोष्टीमागे प्रचंड जटिल प्रक्रिया असते. Achieving Simplicity is Highly Complex process...

Computer: Simplified many things, but computer itself is a complex system

Mobile phones: Simplified communication, but Mobile itself is a complex device

Internet: Simplified (rather revolutionized) Information sharing, but Internet itself is a complex technology

Television: Simplified entertainment, but TV itself is a complex system

Money: Simplifies Life, but earning Money itself is a hard thing

Life: Its Simple, still so complex

(सरळसाधा) सौरभ

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