Sun-Kissed Bliss

11 February 2008 वेळ: Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear sun,

Everyday at around 6:06 pm on the top most point on the flyover on my way to home, when I am sitting 2nd on the 1st seat of my Company bus, you send your dim rays to effortlessly penetrate the front glass pane of my bus to make a hasty reach towards my face.
For that micro-second with my squinting but gleaming eyes, I try to make an eye contact to register my revolt and disapproval of your audacity. I take my hand to shield my eyes from your lethal aggression in an attempt to just catch a glimpse of my de-tractor. But the truth is, for that period it feels so special to be bestowed with the undivided fleeting attention and cozy warmth of your flirtatious demeanor .
Though this is a private confession, I shall gladly accept that for the time-being my forehead twitches and my brow curls up in contempt, my eyes and spirit turn the color of luminous ambers filling me with pure joy of being left sun-kissed.
Basking in your glory always.
Yours lovingly,

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  1. i wonder why no comments! absolutely love the way you write, iron maiden.

    by the way, may i know your name? you can mail me your name if you don't wish to disclose it here.

  2. iron_maiden Says:

    Dear Tharini,
    You will have to enable me acess to your account. I am not able to reach you
    This is what it reads..

  3. iron_maiden Says:

    Thanks for a the appreciaton. I am overwhelmed by your kind words.

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