Life's Big Lesson in a Small Scoop! 3

06 September 2008 वेळ: Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Key to success lies in dreaming big and relentlessly striving to inch towards your goals. Have you ever ridiculed a person for dreaming and planning to make it big someday. If you have then I suggest you owe him an apology. And you better give it immediately. Coz you are in a more sorry position than him. People with no dreams get nowhere. Even if you observe, every company has a vision which it channelises to attain its mission. If you are somebody who does not understand somebody else's jest for achieving success, you will never be successful yourself. Have you ever given it a thought how your belief can shape you as a person and spear head your personal and professional success. Let me illustrate this with one of the biggest success stories that I know.
Let me tell you about Mr. XYZ. He and me were the bestest of friends in college days. He was completely driven with passion for theatre. He was so immersed in theatre that he hardly attended lectures, travelled all the way from central suburb to western cities at odd hours , involved in strange physical endurance activities and verbal pronuncitation practices, indulged in different dance forms and learnt songs in a plethora of languages. I appreciated his passion but had always written off dramatics as a non-lucrative kind of vocation. I mean there is never a steady income flow( as our average thought processes do not allow us to think beyond conventional ambit's of Theatre wagre to sab thik hai, lekin kamata kaise hai). I used to give him long lectures to concentrate on white collared career and stop expending time and energy on worthless things. Yes things were worthless but for me ! For him it was more worthy than living itself. We lost touch over the period of years until I stumbled upon him a few months back. Its been 7 long years since college days and I was very eager to know about him. I learnt he has made the whole world his home. He travels most of the time in different countries and continents and teaches dramatics. He has also helped in some noble causes, like teaching the children at UNICEF.
After learning this, my belief and faith in dreaming big and jealously pursuing one's passion have been reinstated. Never underestimate others passion for things and never quit dreaming.
Dreams are road maps that you make to reach to your desired Position!
You may never know when an Average Joe might become a great torch bearer.

Thanks so much!
Lesson learnt boss!

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  1. This is a lovely blog. I enjoyed your post on success very much.

    My best to you, and to the success you desire.

  2. iron_maiden Says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

    I wish you all the happiness in the world!

    Thanks once again!

  3. Clifford Says:

    Never quit dreaming, dreams are road maps <---------- That I like :-)

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