Weird but Wonderful!

18 October 2008 वेळ: Saturday, October 18, 2008
Strange things keep happening around us! And sometimes we wonder how and why! But we are left with no specific answers! The eccentric nature of the event only leaves us more baffled than perplexed. And you are left in a mental limbo whether to laugh or to continue pondering on it.

One such incident happened today morning. As usual, I was enjoying my morning sunshine walk and was the first to reach the bus stop. My headphones were stuck into my ear buds and I was tuned in to the morning local radio on my MP3. I was dazed and lost in my own reverie when suddenly, out of the blue appeared a man before me. Probabaly in his late forties, he was dressed in rags. But the point of notice was that he looked radiantly healthy for his dwindling financial status. He said something, I couldn't hear because of the song blaring at top volume in my ears. So I removed my earphones and decided to give him a patient hearing and allowing him to have his 30 seconds of fame. As expected he was begging for alms. But what he said next nearly had me drop my jaw in awe. He said in Marathi" Mi ithun chalatach nighaloy" ( I have started to walk from here) and the next line had me stark awake from my wee hour sheepishness. In crystal clear English he impeccably and eloquently blurted out, "Madam, I will be very grateful if you could help me with some money to buy a cup of tea". My eyeballs almost popped out!

The only word I could think of was a big WOW! And I actually said it! Mann I was entirely impressed! He smiled in anticipation acknowledging his success in catching me completely offguard. However, I disappointed the fellow by not giving him any money. I don't believe in providing for people who are healthy and wise enough to fend for themselves. He just made a sad gloomy face and dragged away! Its a personal principle.

I don't know why this educated pauper man was out on the streets begging in the early hours of morning. I kept on thinking about the circumstances that might have prompted him into an insecure and dependant living. But the whole incident left me a little scared, a lot surprised and completely awestruck! Life is strange, isn't it? And this experience was truly weird but wonderful!

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  1. AMITA Says:

    hey gal...
    thats somewhat touching incident. first i thought u should help the man since he was in need of money and was hungry may be. but then i felt u were rite.. today u wil help him bt wat abt tomoro?? he wil have to survive his own and instead of begging if he try work somewhere, as u said he didn't seem from so poor background.. i think taking good efforts to find a simple job also will help him lots.. thats why india is still poor.. coz ppl dont take efforts to seek a job.. instead they just find way out to get things very easily.. which actually is a wrong method of earning. i think u took a good decision of not helping him. coz if he gets used to this kinda help he wil never go ahead and think of something better and continue begging..
    well done my friend..

  2. Sandy Says:

    I agree Ket with your views on not providing alms to healthy but lazy people.. I personally refrain from it too. However couple of weeks back I had a similar and strange experience when one middle aged and health guy asked me for 10 Rs in fluent English for medicine stating he forgot his money at the hotel. On handing him the money he asked for another 20 bucks for rickshaw and then I realized I was being taken for a ride and refused.
    Really a strange world this is!

  3. Spcjnky Says:

    u cud have given him sum money eak chai ke cup ke liyea... 2 rupees yar .. how rude .. kabhi kabhi dil se one shud take decisions .. if not always.. i know der r many ppl who are der to make easy money .. but not all .. eak tea ka cup wud have made his already misrable mornin a lil better ..

  4. ameya Says:

    well i think that guy must have been a share broker.he would have invested his and othrs entire life's earning in the share market and would have lost it in the current financial crisis thts goin on

  5. ameya Says:

    well i think that guy must have been a share broker.he would have invested his and othrs entire life's earning in the share market and would have lost it in the current financial crisis thts goin on

  6. Spcjnky Says:

    whoez d chic washin clothes !! .. kooool ;-)

  7. Aakash Says:

    The other day, an elderly fellow was convincing our chai wala anna for somethhing. initially my impression was, he was asking out for alms....but later on, the anna was convinced and gave him a bucket and a peice of cloth to clean up his bike. it was that the poor, old man was asking out for work....
    Never seen him after that :(

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