The Gifts of 2008!

14 December 2008 वेळ: Sunday, December 14, 2008

AAAAAAAAHHHH Welcome 2009!!
Its just 15 days for 2008 to get over and you all must have already started making elaborate private plans and resolutions for the new year. Lets take a quick review of the incidents that occurred in my life in 2008.

I anticipated great expectations from 2008, what I got in return was completely different......You can say a shocking volte-foce that hit my life suddenly! It caught me off guard and left me paralysed for a few months before nature got its best healer time to put me back in my place!

Loss :(

Bajirao my pet kitten passed away in April 2008 thus triggering a downward spiral of my life!

Immensurable loss of one-sided love, leading to a depletion of self-respect, self-worth and ultimately depression because of a lot of mud-slinging from someone I called my own! Shock, distrust, rejection had all culminated into almost destroying me.

What 2008 gave me( I believe this is more important than the loss section) :)

Lasting friendships and bonds, Strong inter-personal relations, Valuable realisations, Lot of experience, Scope for change, Immense strength to fight back difficult situations, Optimistic and progressive attitude, Independence and sense of responsibility, Furtive opportunities to proove myself, Pragmatism, Inclination towards Meta-physics, Cherishing what I have rather than lamenting a silly loss, True meaning of love, Respect for my indiviuality, To smile no matter what, Iron - maiden vigour to bounce back from an adversity but more importantly it has awarded me with something that I feel I missed all these years a solid purpose and focus in life!

I say Thank You 2008 for showering me with so many important gifts in life! As a return gift, I vouch to continue working on what 2008 has taught me! The loss I guess acted like a catalyst in changing me for the best!!! : )

I await thee 2009........I await thee to be a harbinger of my happiness!! : )

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  1. Clifford Says:

    Well said Ketaki, as always. Yeah 2008 was a big year for you. But you have coped with it well. And it's amazing to see how you can list so many positives of 2008. That's the spirit. And that's what we all can learn from you.
    And I know you from 2007, but 2008 really put the fire back into our friendship. And you, Ami and myself are having a blast. We're gonna rock baby, we are. And will always be there to see each other smiling.
    Cheers :-)

  2. Nilesh Says:

    Hello there,

    Life has much more to offer. This is just the beginning as its only in the last few months, life has started giving you !

    Keep your eyes n ears open for the bounty, life has to offer you.

  3. karan Says:

    2008 took away d one i loved .. :-(

    n gave me back one of ma dearest friendz !! jo kho gai thi ... :-)

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