Her Lacuna

25 March 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everyday as my Bus passes through the infamous street of Budwhar Peth, I spot this one lady who is constantly lost in her reverie. I could’t help putting together a fictitious account of her life and imagination in poetry. The poem is called Her Lacuna which means her void because there is a longing for a change somewhere. And a long wait for someone or something who can take her away from her suffering……forgetting that she and only she can put an end to this!!

Her Lacuna!

Somewhat fidgeting, somewhat fighting herself
She stands there with her grease laden pudgy face
Searching internally but failing to connect with her outer self
Manequined in a Saree that is scandalously draped
Her low neck blouse revealing her bedizen feminity to its behest
A dash of the Color Crimson dabbed across her pouty lips
In a weakly lubricious pose but with an artificial grin
Trying to be strong when fingers are pointed and distances are kept

She thinks perhaps while standing here for hours
Before the long wait is over
Why not unlive the lived moments of her glamorous life
Beading together each memory as it runs riot
Dreams new and old everywhere- aren’t they best left unseen
For before you blink-
They fork sweet innocence into endless profanity
Beyond which, life seems a lot less complicated

They come and go
Many times they pay, sometimes they borrow
She obdurately faces it all
Without displaying even the slightest sign of supplication
Personally she may not approve
But there is always an inherent obligation
Her thoughts are refracted by a nascent hesitance
Though it dies a sudden death, once the lights are switched off

She makes them feel like they are her kings
However bilious, violent and vituperative-
She accepts it all as if-
They are the moiety of her own copious sins
Her nebulous faith drifts apart with her imagination
And finally succumbs to the pain of the reality
Her clean past mocks at her sullied present
As she braces herself for a chaste future

Its evening time now
The ambience in the bazaar is foisting a chaos
She looks in the mirror, her mind steers clear of escapist thoughts
She stares at the “New one” as they call her
Trying diligently to attract their attention
She looks at her old fat body and swarthy skin
Gulping down depression she continues to stand there
Accepting her fate and waiting for them to arrive
Ironically to put an end to her own self-inflicted despair………………….

.........by me

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  1. I wonder how many people notice this thing while being there? Feels like not only a humanly touch to the practical life but also a social responsibility. Kek, I must say, "It is simply mind blowing!" You got a brilliant POV towards things those are mostly neglected by others. Indeed another great one from you. I would certainly recommend it to others as a good read... Keep up :-)

  2. karan Says:

    Iron Maiden!!! u have done it again..

    lyk alwayz..
    bigi bigi words ...
    dragggggeedd verses ....
    Sheer WannaB Stuff ......
    Comon some tin orignal ...

    this is straight outa sum bgrade flick lyk "Chandni Bar" ..

    "She stands there with her grease laden pudgy face
    Searching internally but failing to connect with her outer self" --- NONSENSE ..WTF
    n this is one of the lines. ..



    aww ,, awesome KET ! nice work .. u really can tink .. wow .. and blah blah blah ...


  3. Nilesh Says:


    The place beckons you. The place vacated by Arundhati Roy, Anita Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri is up for grabs. Change your medium and go public. This stuff seems way above the "White Tiger"

    Go grab it.


  4. Akshata Says:

    This seems good...... the word play is good too..... shud say u have good vocabulary.....

    imagination is good too........ but how about something really different....

    all of the ones that i have read till now depict pain, suffering, disadvantages, lack of faith, all in all unhappiness......... but this is only one phase where is the other......

    gotta stop writing things that have only sadness in them gal.....

    U write good.... but ur style has to change........ its shows ur own feeling, prejudiced thoughts.....

    stop doing that.... it has to a mix of both not just one thing

  5. Ramya Says:

    hmmmmmm, why cant u write something abt things which make ppl smile..... this sad poems always suck even if u have written beautifully ,,, i guess u can use ur talent for good stuff,not some sad thing abt women sufferin, who does not suffer tell me...
    Just my thought ......

  6. AMITA Says:

    gud poem.. sad though.. but it can be positively written also.. i wanna say that u can say- coz of these women today a normal housewife or a working woman is safe. else she also cld have been caught in the hands of devils.today we can go out and come late night even.and we are safe. and breathe with this satisfaction...
    if they wouldn't be there i don't think a normal woman wld be safe...

    now write a positive poem.. who say ur blog and poems and all stuff may help someone somewhere to go ahead and start a new life..
    cheers.. and keep writing...


  7. Clifford Says:

    I like the fact that you don't just sit to write something, but you actually write something when you notice things around you. Very well written. Now just hoping that you see good things and write happy stuff and make us all happy too :-)

  8. Its Sad.....
    People feel bad of loosing money in stocks though they waste money in helping this dirty industry grow....

    Very apt use of words...

    Smiles :)

  9. सौरभ Says:

    गावतल्या एका बदनाम गल्लीत, नार उभी करुनी नखरा हो,
    वाट पहातसे कोणाची, देहाचा मांडुनि पसारा हो...

    भडक तिचे हे रूप असे, जरी ना सुंदर ना मादक हो,
    तरी लक्ष घेती वेधुनि, पुरुष पाहती विस्फारुन हो...

    लज्जा इच्छा स्वप्न अपेक्षा, मृत झाल्या सर्व संवेदना हो,
    जाणिवा करुनि बधीर ती, तृप्त करितसे वासना हो...

    शरीरपिपासु जनावरांची, नजर शोधतसे सदा शिकार हो,
    नसती का जर ती, तर काय उडाला असता हाहाकार हो...

    बलात्कारापासून वाचवतसे, सुसंस्कृत घरचि ललना हो,
    विकुनी सत्व तिने स्वत:चे, अब्रु दुसरिची रक्षिली हो...

    लाथाडून समाजातून जगाने, तिजवर जरी टाकला बहिष्कार हो,
    ओसाड पडतील गावे, परि कधी रिक्त न तिचा बाजार हो...

    शमवूनी भोग अनेक जिवांचे, वैरागी ती राहीली हो,
    धिक्कारणाऱ्या समाजानेच तिला, शैय्यासोबत केली हो...

    भंगलेल्या ह्या अस्तित्वाची तमा कधी ना कुणा हो,
    अश्वत्थाम्याच्या जखमेपरि, कधी ना भरेल HER LACUNA हो...

  10. सौरभ Says:

    perfect word at perfect time at perfect position speaks the emotions... n i believe no one can hold your hand in this...
    after "Mystical Women!" this is second master-piece of your observation n describing people...
    ekdam aflatun...
    one more thing, reading ur posts is like preparing for GRE for me... aaj tujya poem-mule kititari navin shabd shiklo me... [:D]
    (yewdhe bhari shabd wapru nako ga, khup vel lagto wachayla aani samjayla [:P] hehe [;)])

    u rock megh [\m/]

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