Overcoming a Dry Spell

28 May 2009 वेळ: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Well guys, I am back to what I do best- yappity yapping about sweet (sometimes bitter) nothings on virtual space. Well, to begin with I had so many things on my platter- First the good news is I won the "Miss Tiara Title" at Ritika Ramtri Mam's Course after winning most of the subcontests and got to learn so many different things like public speaking, presentation skills, group-discussion, fine-dining, business etiquette, interviewing skills, confidence building and fine dining. I had to really fret it out as the competition was very tough and the Title was too enticing. Secondly, I suffered from a bout of what they term as the "Writer's Block" where all the ideas almost vapurise like amorphous camphor but am OK now and have bounced back to my happy writing self : ) And lastly, I was completely tied down with work both professional and personal that couldn't squeeze time as exciting new responsibilities were added(That's a lame excuse: but still a "NO CAN DO")
So here I am ready to blog my heart away...Blog dear......Missed you so darn badly!!!

1 Responses to Overcoming a Dry Spell

  1. सौरभ Says:

    ahha... abhinandan... hardik abhinandan... :)

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