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11 November 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Was googling about "Aghori Sadhu's"
Passed by "The Truth"
Heres the link for you all.
Dont forget to read the comments till the end.

I thought this was very well compiled, and I see no point tampering the original words.


(Reference: Nashik Darshan)
Sitting along with the Sadhu at the banks of Godavari, talking about his various experiences.
I happened to mention Aghori tapasya, the Sadhu went silent for a moment.

Sadhu -"Aap kya jaante hain Aghori taap ke bare mein?"(What do you know about Aghori taap?)

Suddenly he went into an extremely foul mode. Every alternate sentence had an abuse.

The marijuana smoking sadhu looked even more furious in his bloodshot eyes.

"Aapko kaha ki samne jo hanumanjee ki murti hain, usse aapni chappal maro, karoge??"
"Moholle mein rote hue bacche ke baal kaat ke usspe vidya karte hain ye."

For a moment, I was struck. No point in shredding over this topic to greater extent.

The Aghori philosophy is misunderstood, thus standing an occult.

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    thnx a ton for th link... m totally overwhelmed... m readin th comments... getting some gr8 enlightening knowledge.... too surprised to read tht gandhi, nehru were muslims...

    th link to th blog is a treasure...

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