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22 February 2010 वेळ: Monday, February 22, 2010

I am actually under cover these days. Hiding away in some secret place...Absconding from where I belong..A few people are searching for me to take my case left and right...

Well well don't be afraid it just that my buddies are searching for me. After all I have sinned.....after listening to a emotion laded dilse speech of mine about watching marathi cinema and feeling proud of it...we had all settled down to watch Gair at City Pride Satara on a lazy afternoon a few days back. Little did I know that we were going to be exposed to continuous torture for 2 hours 30 minutes.

If you have too much of a black money and want convert it to white. I have got a hit formula. Try getting the best of stars from regional industry, take a roughly matured plot, put in lots of money on sets, clothes, songs etc and then make and distribute a film as dumb as Gair!

Trust me, If I am to re-write Chetan Bhagat's Three Mistakes of my life- GAIR would definitely qualify to be one of the mistakes. I truly regret myself and coaxing 5 other people along with me to pay for this mindless endeavour!

The film opens at two homicides and then shifts on to an award ceremony where our hero Sandip Kulkarni of Dombivli Fast Fame tries to copy Saif ALi Khan in his mannerisms, looks & styles and fails miserabaly.

Ila Bhate & Amruta Khanwilkar present a fairly good performance!! Others are all new-bies! The songs seem to jabardasti added in the film!! And it is better to see for yourself all the faltoo choreography that has gone in it! Infact me and my groupies got up and clapped when a song and dance sequence shot on Sandip and Amruta got over! It was our sarcastic way of registering criticism!! Come on Amruta you can do better than this! And where is the feisty Sandip that we saw in Dombivli Fast???

The story does not evolve and by the end of the film You are either looking at your watch for it to end or are cursing your stars for choosing such a " Below Average" film to splurge your hard earned money on!!

Can some one tell me why is the promotional hoarding still put on a hill in Katraj ??? The film is long gone!! It reminds me of my folly everytime I pass that area!!

My Verdict- One Star for this half-baked, full bakwas film!! This one is for you Amruta!

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    your sin is forgivable... have you seen Marathi movie "Chal Love Kar"??? when I first started the film I stopped it within 5 minutes, later came to know that SoKu has played role in it... so watched the whole movie... you've to be stoned to watch that movie... its the biggest mistake in SK's career... probably she was held at gun-point to work in that film...
    anyways just wanted to tell you that there are much much worst movies made than that of "Gairr!!" and there are fools exists on the planet earth to watch it...

  2. Deepti Says:

    =)) GAIR was timepass movie....but ketaki that song was great na.....what a choreographyand camera angle...omg LMAO

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