29 May 2010 वेळ: Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cast away on the wings of dreams and detritus

Fly afar to a place not beaten, a place completely new

And between this journey – to a destination novel and back

Give a thought to- what was gained and what was lost

Two trodden steps towards your regular mundane thoughts

Revert with three callous de-tours on en-riching creativity

And there you land, back to where you started

The flight of your musing shattered even before it took off

Guarded in the rich isolated ivory tower

Locked away is the jaded prisoner of innovation

Who awaits there silently to be set free

By the bravura of your out-of-box imagination

- By Me!

Impact of Creativity and Innovation Workshop - 22nd May, 2010

1 Responses to Innovation!!

  1. सौरभ Says:

    :( the impact of creativity & innovation workshop didn't seem to be utilized for right purpose it meant to be...

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