12 June 2010 वेळ: Saturday, June 12, 2010

Limaye Kaku!

For the last few days I was seeing Manu all alone of the road. Manu is this cute little black dog in my lane!! If he was down, it was implied that Limaye kaku had to be sitting at her patent seat of the steps of the verandah of her Wada. About one and half year back, I chanced upon Manu and was playing with him. That is when a very soft hearted and sweet lady came forward to claim his ownership. Spotting our common interest in dogs, we started chattering about why “Manu” was such an adorable dog.

We used to meet every day in the evening when I used to return from my office. She used to stop me and we would engage in silly banter about everything under the sun. She had told me how lonely she had become after her husband passed away a few months back and that Manu was like her own son. She spoke about all the Marathi soaps, the new cotton sarees she got from the nearest shop and told me strange yet interesting stories of the tenants she had. I would sit there beside her for hours and patiently listen to everything whatever she had to talk. She used to laugh a lot. It used to amaze me- her jest for living and the way she was determined to get over her adversity!!

She always invited me to have dinner with her and to see her home. I never went. I just kept postponing it as I was always in a hurry to rush back and fix a meal or study. I regret it now! She had introduced me to her children. On a Diwali Day I had introduced my Dad to her. She was a very nice lady. She always called me and spoke to me whenever I used to walk with my headphones in my ears completely unaware about everything around me. She was atleast 30 years older to me. But I liked her and she liked me. Our bonding had been mutual.

So when I switched job and didn’t take the same lane, I missed meeting her and talking to her. The other day I was looking for her. But I only spotted a lonely Manu all by himself on the street. It was a while that I had seen her. I decided to check on her. So I asked the Chemist who knew her well. He said she passed away about 2 months back. I was sad and shell- shocked. He said she had got hurt in her leg and being a diabetes patient she got gangrene- slipped into Coma and passed away. I remember her telling me that she had hurt her leg. But I never knew that it would claim her life in future.

The whole point is – I would have liked to know her better. I didn't even know what her first name was. But indeed she was a very charming lady who was acclimatizing herself to her lonely life. But with a very brave smile on her face.

There are some people who are not connected to you- They are not your relatives, they are not your friends- they are just people whom you meet! But they touch your lives. More importantly they give a tug to your heart!! Limaye Kaku was a very special lady. I have been on an amazing journey since the last 2 years and have met all kinds of people. Limaye Kaku was someone I will never forget!! For all the love and happiness she brought to people around her- May her soul rest in peace!!! You will be missed, Limaye Kaku!!

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  2. सौरभ Says:

    very touching megh... may her soul rest in peace...

    and you make comments on ur blog moderated... above link above in the comment leads to a blog but opens lot of pop-ups and freaking windows... visit it safely...
    u already seem to have spam comments on ur blog...

  3. Loony m Says:

    well written and touching..

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