Sunday Funday and the kissa of the Broken Rs. 100 Chappals!

24 November 2008 वेळ: Monday, November 24, 2008

Yesterday was a super blast! Had fun at Falguni's place! Though felt very sad that she and Ajith and the lil baby wont be staying in Pune anymore! The baby is such a doll!!! It felt so good to reconnect with old pals Nilesh and Nilam. Bhagwan unki jodi salamat rakkhe! Mann we really had a good time remembering cool old memories. The food and celebrity spotting at SGS Mall was amazing!
But the most hilarious experience was taking my broken chappal in my hand and hopping from one shoe shop to the other all over SGS mall ( With head turning attention) hunting for trendy, stylish, comfortable, white and more importantly affordable shoes( Yeah I am serious bout all the adjectives used here! And after a long hiatus, I finally found the perfect pair of Chappals that fell in all the above mentioned brackets at Westside after rejecting Mochis, Pyramids and City Walk)! Mann I got a fatka of Rs. 699( Writing 700 spells an even bigger hole in my pocket) due to Rs. 100 chappals that broke all of sudden without any warning signs of giving up on me. I don't know why all the mochis in Pune were on a strike yesterday. We searched for them everywhere from Sanghvi to M.G. Road, all of them seem to have vanished in thin air!! Not a single one was spotted!!
Thanks to them I had to indulge in some compulsive shoe shopping that is going to cause a serious budget interruption. Hehehehe! Thanks to them and my chappals, I had to use my contingency reserves for splurging over expensive shoes! Grrrrrrrrrr (Growl). And also become a mock stock with people staring at me walking with my chappals in my hand.
After that we hit Inox and watched the latest hit Dostana! Even the super salty cheese popcorn were kind of fika in comparison to John Abrahim( He steals the show). Having Banoo scream everytime he came on the screen in his underwear was fun!!! And those dimples just melt your heart! Posing for photographs in front of someone else's AUDI in the parking lot was super duper fun!! Hanging out with friends is so important, you get de-stressed in just a matter of hours! Its like your own customised Psychotherapy where all your friends play a part of the free of cost Shrink( I like the sounds of "Free of cost".......saving on the Bling Bling!)
Your mood is elevated and you unwind and get mentally ready to combat the Big bad Monday ahead!
Thanks guys! Had so much fun that today's Monday is going to just fly by! Looking forward to spending many such fun weekends! And Banoo and Cliff get well soon so that we can hit Sinhagad on our bicycles in the wee hours of a Sunday morning! Just can't wait for that one!!!

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  1. karan Says:

    Good Stuff .. Koool .. no one even bothered to invite me :-(

  2. AMITA Says:

    kool keks,
    we really enjoyeed a lott.. now m looking forward to visit cliffy's mom's grave.. that we missed yest.. baaki realy i loved all.. nd wow... ur chappals broke and wow again u were walking in a huge mall just like that.. kool u dare gall.... heheh.. i ws simply laughing.. hehe

  3. Clifford Says:

    The visit to Falguni's house was a pleasant one (sans the finding the house part and Amita always saying she knows the road). The ice cream made Kek and Amita eccentric, thank God they were'nt given anymore otherwise I would be driving 2 mad gals around town. Whew!!!
    The barefeet walking was really the best part LOL (sorry Keks), it was hehehe. I have never looked at so many ladies shoes at once in my life, but finally Kek got something she wanted. Now we know better than to go to those sales where the bargain seems great but it shoots you in the head (or foot) later.
    The chinese was yumm, the HDFC show at that time was crap. Looking at the picnic snaps together was fun too. Then to the movies, and hearing Amita scream her lungs out for Mr Undies ... John LOL.
    then as usual, females get back to their favorite passtime - SHOPPING. The drive back home was nice and just pondering on another great day with friends gone by, and many more ahead :-)

  4. Khyati Says:

    Great... feels good to see you having fun....

  5. priya Says:


  6. AMITA Says:

    priya miss u too :-)

  7. karan Says:

    is ma comment invisible :-( agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

  8. Clifford Says:

    No Karn it isnt. That's why we have planned to meet sometime this month right :-)

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