Wonder Years!

14 November 2008 वेळ: Friday, November 14, 2008

Date: Some day of December 2004
Venue: On the stage of the auditorium of University of Mumbai Clubhouse, Nariman Point
For MCJ's Film Appreciation course........
Question: WOW is that me? How slim I was?
Explanation: This pic weaves an integral part of the fabric of my wonder years........
This is a reminder of carefree days when bright yellow slip ons were perfectly ok for a shocking pink top and grey peddal pushers accessorised with a long Rajasthani Jhola.....what a fashion faux pas....But I still loved my style back then! And I to some extent envy that freedom of not being judged on the basis of my fashion preferences! And Yeah no matter what Pink is still my favourite color. It will always be!
I still need my music. Its just that the Radio Mirchi portable radio in the pic has been replaced with a MP3 Pplayer now~
Thanks Rupesh For gifting those leather slip ons to me from Dehradun and thanks Karan for preserving this pic for so many years and sending it to me. So many things have changed since that particular december 04 day, but in one way or the other this pic still gets me all nostalgic!
I sort of redeemed a lost part of me, lived the past for a moment and made a strong comeback to my reality.

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  1. karan Says:

    Those were d dayz ;-) . i still remember d day wen u n rupesh came to meet me mere ghar ke niche.. den u guys went to see .. "ishq visq pyar vyar". U guyz rocked ... n the blogz super ... as usual

  2. iron_maiden Says:

    No yaar! it was yeh dil mange more! nice movie though! Hey aapke tole shole nahi they itne tabhi

  3. karan Says:

    Sahid ka movie hai dono .. close enough ;-)

  4. iron_maiden Says:

    Agar kal ko u say padosiki biwi instead of tumhari biwi. And then say toh kya farak padta hai biwi toh hai dono ;) Close enough! hehehehehehehe........
    Knowing you I am sure you are capable of saying and doing it!

  5. karan Says:

    lmao ... u know me so very well .. ;-)

  6. shreyans Says:

    Had been to Mum Uni campus today... felt nostalgic... I guess we met couple of times there when u were pursuing u r masters... Its really awesome even today just the way u n ur pic are...

    Ek hi baat ka dukh hai ki Yuga Chaudhary ko mill nahi paya...

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