Nashik Darshan

04 August 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dwarka is the most chaotic circle in nashik, as the Mumbai-Agra meets the Pune-Nashik highway. There's a street from the Dwarka Circle that goes down towards the "Dudh Bazar". A few days back when I was visiting nashik, a rikshawalah had informed me about the famous restaurants.

There are a few good restaurants where you get tasty food, cooked in Islamic style. Kokni-step-brothers own 2 famous restaurant's in this area - Hajji Darbar and the Kokni Darbar. Al-Khatib is located exactly opposite to the Kokni Darbar. Al-Khatib was my choice (just for the reason - he serves beef)

After consuming a plate of beef kheema and beef masala with a bunch of naan's, we relished the Rasgulla's and jalebi's at "New Bombay Sweets".

Finally after the "pet pooja" we managed to find out the way to Panchavati. Fortunately it was raining that day. I ended up buying a "Plastic Ghongdi". Under the plastic ghongdi, it was easy to click around!

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