25 August 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aao seth, kem che? Majja maa?

…….Mahendra seth with a broad smiling face……… The owner of “Rajeshwari” - tea center, exactly opposite to the B.S.N.L’s Telephone exchange on Bajirao Road.

Rajeshwari is just another ordinary joint where people drop in to sip the sweet decoction. The only thing that elates this place is Mahendra seth’s approach towards his customers.

I’ve shifted away; still we all make it a point to visit Rajeshwari. We just get dragged to the taste of his masala chai. Usually we drop in at Rajeshwari by 0520 hours; the chai is not yet ready. Pandu (helper) is busy chopping onions for “poha”

It seems we’ll have to wait for the tea……

“Seth baitho! Chai bann-neka hain, aapko hamari taraf se kesar ukkala pilata hain”

Grabs his measuring glass, dips it in the milk. Makes arrangements to add one more “patella” on his stove, adds some “elaichi wala masala”. These all movements are so rapid, that it takes him 2 – 4 minutes to pour the kesar ukkala (with a pinch of kesar on top) in our “pyalli”.

Kesar ukkala is a delicacy that we savour once or twice in a month. Whenever the chai is not ready, Mahendra Seth offers us the ukkala. Every time the ukkala is on the house.

Mahendra seth’s got his own funda – “ Aadmi jitna aacha hota hain, utni uske haath se bani chai meethi hoti hain”

Right now sipping on the green tea, I lack the tang of the kesar ukkala and masala chai!

4 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    jai ho Mahendra Sth ki... Kesar takun chaha denari pahili aasami baghtoy me... Asa chaha pyayla ekda tari nakkich jaeen me hyanchyakade... :)

  2. Deepti Says:

    sahi hain!!! mala nahi nela tikde:(
    mext time i'll definately go there!!!

  3. Aakash Says:

    aarey kesar takun chaha nahi.....kesar aani doodh aani masala......(Kesar ukala)

  4. सौरभ Says:

    chyayala... salya gandavla mala... aaila... itke diwas me tyach impression madhe aahe ki Kesar takun chaha mhanje jara bharich nirala manus asel... aaila mhanje tula masale dudh deto asa sang ki leka... shappath... tari pan smtime v can try Kesar vala chaha... wht say??!! :D a new chaay flavor... :)

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