Emotional Baggage!

07 September 2009 वेळ: Monday, September 07, 2009

Dust away the magnificence of your lost love
And the remainder shall take you by surprise
It will take some time before you decide
Was it really worth what it claimed after all?
Chunk by chunk, piece by piece depleting your life
Snap, brood and the fragility becomes even more conspicuous

There lies among other chaotic paraphernalia
Almost mortal inter-dependence
Broken shards of trust
Foot-trampled self-worth
Dead weeds of lust
Charred remains of loneliness

Among all that command their existence,
Lies the absolute absence of belongingness
All this unwanted excess baggage
Created, Circulated & Carried
for a painstakingly long distance
by the emotional fool called YOU

By Me!

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. Nilesh Says:

    Dust you must,everyday ! Lest you get carried by the Lust of ruminating on the emotional turmoil.

    Spring is coming, Spring is coming ! When do we see the flower bloom again ?

  2. 100% with Nilesh.. When do we see the flower blooming again?

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