Photographing a drop

07 April 2010 वेळ: Wednesday, April 07, 2010

There's nothing as boring as a Sunday afternoon. After a filling lunch, partially suspended in drowsiness. You can just utilise the "hangover" to photograph a drop.

While considering this topic through the Physics point of view - we can call it "Fluid Dynamics"

Getting back to the topic.

Capturing a drop crashing down on the mass of water and then bouncing up with the denominator, repeating the bounces 2-4 times before it sinks into the waves with a black hole in the centre.

First of all you ouhgt to know some basic terminology :

1.Apperture - Click here

2.Shutterspeed - Click here

Now that, we're conceptually progressed we can start off with our assignment.

Few things need to be set up, so as to favour our photograph. Like a dripper (can be one IV set too ;)...........I used a plastic bag, with a hole peirced at its base.) An external source of white light can also pose to be helpful. Remember if your hand is shaky you should take help of a tripod. Chartpapers to define your background. Tissues to wipe off the unwanted water drops holding on to the borosil bowl. Do not forget a ruler.

On your Mark's, Get Set, Click!!:

(zooming is possible!)

Before you start clicking, immerse the ruler in the bowl. Place it in the centre of the bowl (where the drip is suspended) Focus your camera accordingly on the ruler.

Here comes the role of patience. While you are set with the angle, the light is perfect and the drop is meticulously regulated patiently watch the drop through your view finder for a while. No hastes to hit the "click". As you get accustomed to the frequency between the two drops, decide which moment is yours.....

Hit the click, may be the first photograph is not the one you wanted.

Lets check what's your shutter speed and apperture.

Usually when I clicked the photograph > I tried clicking the photographs from the range of

Shutter speed : 320 to 630
Aperture : 5.0 to 7.0

I think letting out the perfect setting of the shutter speed and aperture will kill away the fun of patience and later the sense of achievement after clicking it :)

A small handy tip: If you are using a flash try to cover your flash with a thin butter paper, this can help you reduce the harshness of the flash on the droplet.

Click! ;)

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    ahhh.. i really appreciate ur efforts... wht a amazing capture... n gr8 info too...

  2. Mihir Says:

    kaaaaa kaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kaaaaaaaaaa baattt haaiii...... jamlach aahe... jabriii re!!! aaj pasun maza wallpaper set...

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