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17 July 2010 वेळ: Saturday, July 17, 2010

The other day, I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus early in the morning. It was pouring cats and dogs and like everyone else I was trying to combat the rain with the artillery of just one feeble umbrella. I saw a narrow stream of water by the road-side carrying a small sapling with the flow. I was observing the sapling which was now slowly strumming ahead with the current bearing the heavy pitter-patter of the gushing rain.

And, then suddenly I had a tiny EUREKA moment of my own - I realised that the sapling belonged somewhere else but it had been uprooted due to the pressure of heavy incessant outpour and was forced to shift from its place. It was now going to re-hold roots where it was going to find conducive conditions - a new place with ample water and sunshine to grow. A place which it can make its home. Yes a Home!

A few years back, I had also been uprooted from my Matrubhoomi(Mumbai) like the sapling due to certain reasons that are no longer valid. But staying back was a conscious decision. I did not find the reason to leave strong enough. I had always liked my Karmabhoomi (Pune). A city which gave me my career, my friends and my self worth. A city that I can rightly claim after 3 and half years of forgetting the names of the bridges and confusing them for each other - that I now know in and out of : ).

Pune has rightly acclimatised me to its pulse, pace, places, people and persona. When once I was lonely and lost it gave me a close knit social-circle of friends, family and extended family. Whats exciting is the fact that I have a home of my own here now. And it has only made things easier and better for me!

I owe a lot to Pune - Pune gave me a lot of things - one among it is a brand new life when I felt everything had ended and now it has blessed me with a home to call my own!! I love you Pune - Not by CIRCUMSTANCES but by CHOICE!!!

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    ahhmm... what a comeback megh... what a hit... very nice...
    very happy to hear that and heartiest congratulations for your new home...
    may god bless you with choicest blessings...
    warm regards...

  2. Aakash Says:

    ketaki!! It was so nice to read the composition with specially hand picked words :)

    so as you've moved in you new appartment, I hereby promise to gift a poster photograph of mumbai skyline to the bearer (ketaki joshi)

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