Back from Konkan!

24 June 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Visiting Kokan? Take my advice, be there in the monsoon!
We were visiting Doc's ancestral home - "Aajol" in Nivendi, approx. 6 km from Malgund.
It was fun fishing at Malgund coast, visiting the Jaigad fort, Marleshwar (Cave temple of Shankar - Unfortunately we couldn't spot a single cobra in there.), and follow the 20-20 world cup finals :)

It was a great time feasting over the Malvani fish curries and "Maadi"
The sadhi maadi was sweet in taste, and palatable. The sadhi maadi never makes you go high. The localities say maadi is a remedy for curing tuberculosis and kidney stone. While the "Kadak Maadi" is something that would make you fall for it. :P

We all had fun, but it was Shubhankar who drove consistently for 500km and yet was a part of our enjoyment!

Last but not the least, the Nukes worked hard as the catalysts all the way!

1 Responses to Back from Konkan!

  1. सौरभ Says:

    aare wahh re bandya... maase, maadi aani konkan [:D] zakkas... कोणत्याही रुग्णाचं पथ्य चालू असताना कसं म्हणतो कि तो सद्ध्या दवा-पाण्यावर आहे... तसंच कोकणातला TB किंवा kidney-stone चा पेशंट म्हणेल सद्ध्या मी "माडी"वर आहे... [:P]

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