Rain: A Young Lover's Song!!

22 June 2009 वेळ: Monday, June 22, 2009

Is that you? Really have you finally come?

I stare in stark dis-belief as I hear you arrive in all your onomatopoeic regale

You wake me up with your grunting and growling….disturbing the silence of the mordant night....

Slowly I hear the same familiar pitter-patter on turpentine roof-tops

Displaying the grandiose beginning of a young lover’s song.

The strong enforcing fragrance of wet soil lingers on

When you hit the dust for the first time…….

From far and beyond like from a distant dreamland

You have arrived to quench the thirst of the parching earth

Exhibiting the deep satisfaction of a young lover’s song.

I see the trees.....they are happy now……..

They have got rid of their sun-dried leaves

The new bloom, awaits your sprinkling fall

To express their gratitude they sway and dance in your love

Infusing the novel freshness of a young lover’s song.

The birds are all perched on their nests

Trying to protect their young ones from your thunder-storm

But still they spread their folded wings and around they fly

Exhorting the feeling of pure mirthful joy

Releasing the true freedom of a young lover’s song.

I am trying to acclimate my best to keep pace with your changing moods

And I still wonder why you have arrived so late this year……….

You hear me rhetoric….. You just smile….I hear a distant thunder….may be it is your reply?

You suddenly stop and then start again catching me completely off guard

Soaking me in the playfully flirtatious nature of a young lover’s song.

By Me!

3 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    वाह... एकदम मस्ताड कविता आहे. :) इकडे मलाच भिजल्यासारख झालं. चला पाऊस सुरू झाला तर... घरची आठवण आली राव. घरी असतो तर किती मजा आली असती... गॅलरीत बसून मस्तपैकी गरम-गरम आल्याचा (किंवा गवती) चहाचे भुरके घ्यायचे, सोबत कांदाभजी... आआईईईईईई... रेडिओवर झकास कोणतंतरी गाणं......... मला घरी जायचय्य्य्य्य्य... मस्त पावसात ट्रेकिंगला जायचं, भिजायचं, गमबूट रेनकोट आणि छत्री घेऊन फिरायचं :P :) व्व्वाह्ह्ह... जन्न्नत...

  2. सौरभ Says:

    ग्रीष्माच्या काहिलीने सारीच सृष्टी होरपळली,
    प्राण फुंकत त्यांमधे शितल हवा हळूच झुळकली,
    वाहती इकडे तिकडे वारे गार कोणाचे बरे दूत बनून,
    काळे मेघ पडघम बडवित नभी अचानक आले दाटून,
    दवंडी पिटलि अस्मनि ह्या जेव्हा वीज ती कडाडली,
    अगणित सरींची सेना निमिषार्धात ह्या धरतीवर अवतरली,
    रिपरिप, रिमझिम, धो-धो करीत पाऊस असा हा बरसला,
    कोंदटलेल्या श्वासा-श्वासात मृदगंध सुवासिक दरवळला...

  3. Deepti Says:

    seriously....awesome one!!!

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