Ek Baat bolu, bura toh nahi manoge?

30 June 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, June 30, 2009
I met this boy a couple of months back. Sunday evenings at M.G Road, Pune are colorful (and yummy too). So here we ( me and mihir) were waiting for a friend to arrive. I heard a kid squeak.
"Boot polish?"
Fortunately I was wearing my floaters! I had a reason to escape his persuasion.

Me: (pointing my floaters) Iss mein kya polish karo-ge?
Boy: Brush se saaf kar deta hoon.
Me: Zarurat nahi hain.
Boy: Ek baat bolu? Bura toh nahi manoge?
Me: Bolo (at the max I expected the kid to abuse and run off)
Boy: Bahot bhook lagi hain, ek 5 rupaye ki bhel khila do.

This was totally unexpected shot for me.

I took him to a nearby roti-sabzi center, bought him 2 rotis and a sabzi.

In the meantime I was curious about this kid. He told me, his name was Vishal Shastri. His native was some small village in Rajasthan. Now that Vishal had lost his father, he was helping his mother to support his family by this part time job. He studied in a municipal school in Hadapsar. His mother worked as a maid. He had the knack of education and wanted to own a big store. By then the parcel for roti-sabzi had arrived. We left the place.

Most of the time, Vishal was telling me about his ambitions, his aims and the problems they face in the slums. Just as I was leaving, once again he squeaked, "Bhaiyya, ek baat bolu? bura nahi manoge?"

Me: Bolo bhai.
Vishal: Ghar mein Rashaan (Ration) khatham ho gaya hain........

I just convinced him, that this help was not possible.


A few days back, we were at Burger king for a quick bite. While parking our bikes a kid approached Yash. In the mean time I reached there. "Bhaiyya aap toh polish karva lo."
As usual I was in my floaters. I refused.

"Ek baat puchu, bura nahi manoge?"

Hey hey hey.........I've heard this before!
I just turned back. Now the kid must be thinking, for sure he's packing things for himself (or whomsoever)

Me: Rajasthan ke ho kya?
Kid: haan.
Me: Hadapsar mein rehte ho?
Kid: haa.

Oh so the Vishal Shastri answers were all mugged up! It was just a new way of winning sympathy and begging in a better way.

Just turned off that kid, without giving him a single rupee. Walked off with a sour taste of being cheated by a kid.

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    well.. well... what to say... beggars are also so smart... no wonder Slum Dog Millionaire won Oscar... who would say India is a poor country... actually here people are poor by choice...

  2. iron_maiden Says:

    These beggars should take classes on persuasion, management and strategy!! My god the way they come up with new excuses of begging is amazing. U remember that guy Aakash who was selling our group flowers for 80 Rs. at Panch pakhadi last week saying he didnt have money for fees. I actually felt bad for him! But clearly he was conning us~ as the flowers were hardly anything to sell for 80 bucks!

  3. well to be honest.....i would give the beggers food if dey ask for....how much ever same wordings they use....coz after all....its not their age to work....rather they arent allowed by the government to work..what wud they do....sit on the road and cry to da almighty and ask him to give him money to earn his living?

    But then I again give it a thought saying.....might be that makes them feel its all a luxurious life with jes saying same lines and getting food ....that would be for granted...when i say luxurious dnt u debate saying.....that isnt a luxurious life....but then they earn without much work ...i meant that!!!

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