08 January 2010 वेळ: Friday, January 08, 2010
Ketaki's blog has a new article named : Return to Innocence.
That reminded me of a theory called: Discount theory.

Imagine, you are walking down the street. A young lad rush's his way out and unintentingly ends up passing you a slight push.

What would be your imediate reaction?
"Aabe itni jaldi thi toh......."
Most of us here would end up abusing the guy, or making him realise his mistake.

Now lets consider the same situation. Let the Young gentleman be replaced by a kid (5-7 years old)
Now how would you react?
"Aarey aabhi gir jata naa....."
The tone would have been carefull. You may even forgive the kid for this and offer him a candy.

I remember in my childhood I always judged a shopkeeper by how he treats me.
We used to stay in Kolhapur.
There was a stationery shop named - Daasram in Rajarampuri. Every time I visited Daasram. The Owner used give a broad smile. Enquire me about my school. He never fabricated a smile.
He used to give me little discounts to save a few coins for me.

He wasnt like his competetor, who was too busy for himself.

Whats the difference in every case we disscussed above.
Why do we change our point of view according to the one whom you are facing?

The Discount theory is releated to our behaviour. Giving small discounts when you're furious about something. Imagine the same mistake commited by an innocent child. Would you sound so harsh. I bet, the tone and the manner would definately differ.

We can just go on giving innumerous discounts on various incidents. May be the new set of reactions would be appreciated at a larger extend.

Imagine you're attending a math class. You're unable to get on with a certain numerical.
>which reaction would you prefer from your professor?

A. Aarey chu****................
B. Aarey Raja/ Beta ..............

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    lol... thats interesting... but i disagree... you can't treat the young man like you would treat a kid... see we don't judge anyone on basis of just one factor... forget about the young man... imagine instead of that young man if there would have been a young beautiful girl... lol... damn... the reaction would be... lady please one more time... and now imagine if there would have been a bull... hahaha... Aakash its not possible to give discount equally to everyone... its given as per once probability of doing mistakes... its directly proportional to it...

  2. Aakash Says:

    Discount works, when the situation, where you're about to explode with anger. Providing small discounts at such ocassions would definately turn up to be fruitful. :P

  3. You are missing the whole point dude.

    We get angry and pissed at you because you are not an 8 year old anymore!! lol

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