Phir Mile Sur

27 January 2010 वेळ: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
From last few days, there've been advertisement's about the upcoming "Phir Mile Sur".

Mile Sur mera tumhara - one of the nostalgic song belonging to our old cherished memories.

Mile Sur - was concived by Suresh Mallick. It was aired on air from 15th August 1988 on Doordarshan, as a national integrity project.
After 22 years
Arti and Kailash Surendranath have recreated and presented it as "Phir mile sur." The word "Phir" being prefixed, the essense of the orignal vergion got discarded. The root cause of the track - Mile Sur is seen no where in the Phir Mile Sur. Its hard to make out the motive of this remake. It's just to add a bunch of western instruments, and and a short introduction to the bollywood celebreties.

Look at Amitabbh Bacchan, He's found a perfect formula of singing! Bacchan sir this isnt the Mehbooba remake from Raam Gopal Verma's Aag. The way you've recited

"Sur ki nadiya,
har disha se,
beh ke sagar mein mile,
baadalo ka roop leke,
barse halke halke."

Sounded more like the way you recited -
"Mehbooba, Mehbooba,
ek udhar, ek idhar,
dono ki fitrat hain jaan lena,
kaunsi sali maut jyada maza deti hain ye dekhna hain'
Aye Tambe tu kaunsi maut marega re?"

Jaaya Aunty its really bad to be seen no-where when the whole family is on camera. By the way was it so necessary to get the couple of the decade (Abhi-Ash)? We definately have many more great actors compared to Abbhishek & Aishwaryya.

The whole track being 16 minutes long, does not seem to be in a flow. Tell me, did the censor board rip of the bits projecting Raakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat?

I cant forget the part where you have managed to get Salmaan without his shirt! Salmaan bhay we also appreciate your acting skills when you're wearing your shirt.

Looking at Deepika, it makes me feel like the regular BSNL advertisement on TV. Was it so tough to find a perfect face for India? See atleast Priyanka has done LUX adv. before. There's a possibility, that all the great women were busy with their own job, Deepika was the only jobless one!

Even Aamiir you dont need to get every act blended in the same success formula. Okay dude, we know "Tare Zameen Par" was a huge hit, so no need to mix up your roles. Atleast you should've taken care of giving different expressions. Not again the same expressions from Bum Bum Bhole. Same goes to Shahid and SRK. Ranbir I wont ripp you, there's no point in assaulting someone who's not acted before.

Finally it was sad to see a 15 minutes video highlighting the bollywood, and just to keep the remaining aspects in the race they got 30 seconds of sports and 30 seconds of defence in the video. Did the director of this video just overlook the fact - We have many more eligible personalities from various fields. NO, the focus was just supposed to be on the Celeb's. Was it a Page 3 party or something? Do the above mentioned personalities happen to overshadow APJ KALAM, Ratan Tata, Sachin, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia......
If the motive was to go on with such an insensible vedio, why not add PRINCE? Thank God they didnt add Arushi's photograph to make it a hype.

Let me tell you one thing Mr. Director, This was a very poor attempt of putting forward the remake of "Mile Sur." From my side its a big NO.

Anyway's last but not to forget > Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pt. Shivkumar Sharma have performed to their best :)

Here are the Links, Decide it for yourself:

The Orignal Video:

The Remake:

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    when I posted the video on facebook i received same negative comments:

    I strongly feel that the creator of "Phir Mile Sur" should be sued for spoiling it. This ad should be banned. I wonder no-one reviewed it before broadcasting.

  2. Aakash Says:

    Since the whole of the video isnt related to national integrity, why not expect Zeest (the Sutta guy) playing his guitar.....

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