Finding @-NIL!

05 October 2009 वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009

Last weekend when I was home, my mom made me clean some of my old books and papers! It was a different feeling rummaging through my old homework in pink ball pen, doodles, receipts of library for over-due books, speeches, scripts of my dramas, small poems, tit-bits about sweet nothings, messages written to friends during lectures, study time-tables which were never followed, sheets full of paper games like love percentage, x and o, bricks etc. It was fun going through all the memories of my pre-graduate years. On one of the sheets I found a Phone Number with Anil M written beside it. Hmm Anil Mukundan! My College Buddy! Anil was one year senior to me! I had been trying to find Anil on the Social Networking sites but couldn’t. I was super-elated to find his number. I just prayed that it would be still in a working condition.

Circa 2001 -2003
I, Anil and Rupesh were inseparable pals in our college days. We shared a great wavelength. We participated in dance, dramas and all the social activities together. We hung out at each others houses after college and went for movies etc. I was in first year, Anil was in second year and Rupesh was in third year. Anil though very tall and heavy would give any lean dancer a run for his money. He danced with high voltage energy levels. Anil used to call me his little guinea pig. As he studied Psychology he needed constant bakras to haul up and take to his HOD as subjects. I always became his bakri. I used to go with him as a subject in our college as well as Mumbai University, Kalina Campus for his Masters Degree. All his Psycho- Friends (read those who studied MA in Psychology) became my pals. We both had a very bad habit of breaking into long sporadic laughing spurts. He was my DAD in our serious college drama and we broke into giggles at nothing and would not stop soon. So much so that our Director had a tough time controlling us. One afternoon we both sat on a bench on Vidyavihar station and started talking in weird noises ( read in a voice that resembled the noise that comes when a record player gets stuck)so much so drawing the attention and curiosity of the by-standers. Anil had a vast female following and we even betted if he would become the rose king of the year!! We always addressed each other as Kaminey and Kamini!! All three of us used to go and sit at Nariman Point and talk about where we wanted to take our lives! Anil always wanted to go Mollywood to try his luck. But now he is a HR professional. I guess that still gives him a scope to try his acting skills. Hahaha. Except for Rupesh, I think none of us got what we wanted!!! But I guess it’s all a part of the game!! hehehe

Hurriedly I dialed his number and guess what it rang!!! Anil picked up and after doing a lot of TP I told him who I was. It had been 6 long years and life had changed its tracks. I could sense the happiness in his voice. He told me how even he had tried to get in touch with me. We jabbered for almost an hour about his shifting of house, his career with Citi Bank, his fiancé, his x-girlfriends, his family, myself etc. It was absolutely gr8 to get in touch with you @Nil- Hope we never loose touch now!!!!

It is so kewl to find a old friend again by a strange stroke of luck!!! : )

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    :) nice :)

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