03 October 2009 वेळ: Saturday, October 03, 2009
In last few months I ran through some funny teaching experiences. Here're some for you.

Last winter I used to teach a kid as a part-time as a home tutor.

I gathered a great amount of experience as well as freely experimented different tact's for teaching. This guy had flunked all his subjects in his prelims. We were working hard for improvement of scores. The kid depicted a preying mantis. Bulging eyes, weak body, brush hair type. We used to find it comfortable to catch up at 0430 hours in the morning.

I came across the most wiered name. Sarish had a school teacher named > Samuel Chitale!

One fine morning I had a fitness fits. I was jogging my way to his place. I was in a denim, a T-shirt and a Shabnam. The police patrolling van on the round spotted me running on the street. I was stopped for the enquiry. As I informed them about my details and purpose, I scored a lift in a patrolling van. :D

I still remember that evening, I was called up for some difficulty busting. I had no prior notice. My evening schedule was procrastinated by 1 or 2 hours. By the time I reached his place I had cultivated a good amount of sourness. I was struggling to hammer in the mathematical procedure to solve the numerical, and his younger sister was constantly smashing my efforts. She claimed she was bored, and had nothing to do, and she wanted me to suggest her something. The first thing that hit me was > Somersault's! I explained her the route for her somersault's........and the girl (5-6 years young) started that instantly! I scored 2 disciples there ;)

Had a hearty laugh at the girls behaviour as I sat describing the incidence to my friends! lol

Ketaki had scored me an off once. She called up Sarish's mom, pretending my aunt. And managed to convince that I was unwell. Thanks for that Ketaki :)


This summer, I was at home spending my vacation. My mom cant stand me sitting jobless staring the T.V and step jumping the channels. Our maid's son was (supposed to be) weak at maths. Mom asked her son to visit us every morning. I was set on 2 tasks. Wake up by 0800 hours, and teach a...........

I saw his text-book. It was all in marathi. As I was unfamiliar to solving numerical in marathi, I took a moment for buffering. Then I started with Squares and Square Roots. With a brief introduction to the topic we proceeded to the illustrative examples. just to test his grasping speed, I asked him the Square root of 16. He took a while and answered - "32?" he saw my expression's change. He fired his second guess - "8." Okay, this guy was weak at tables. A few minutes later Hemant was struggling to find the square root of 4.
We was totally a foreigner to the concept of tables.

We spend time clarifying the differences between 68 and 86.......the Grade VIII kid was having great difficulty at maths.

Day 3:
I discover his position in maths. On being asked 1x1 =? I fielded various answers in my gloves! right from > 11 to 2!

Day 4:
We start with even and odd numbers.

Hemant had some kind of fear regarding maths.
Had he been blessed with a good maths teacher in his childhood, today he wouldn't have to face the humiliation of detention. It was not that he had a very low IQ. it was just maths what kept him at a distance from maths.

The fear against maths is hyped in our childhood. Each and every of the numerical is simple. Just lack of good teachers makes maths monotonous.

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    हाहाहा... गुप्ते मास्तर... तुम्हाला एकदम जालिम विद्यार्थि मिळालेत... so at last who taught maths to whom??? & u got ride in patrolling van... lolzz... thats awesome...

  2. Deepti Says:

    lolz ani tasa pan tuza frustation kadhayala tula bicchara saarish sapdala......really worried about him:-s
    tu tyacha teacher mhanje.....ahem ahem!!! lol

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