15 October 2009 वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009
Last Tuesday, a holiday. I was visiting Prof.. After a while of studying, I just felt like listening to Vividh-bharti radio station. It was a semi cold cloudy morning, spiced up with the back to back kishore kumar's songs. I cast out a look......the weather's worth sitting at some distant dhaba, with chai and poha.

Prof.'s got radio on his mobile, we carry the mobile along......there's a small tea vendor near his place. We settled on a khattiya.

Call up rest of the 'janta' for lunch at 'water front'. Either they've got work or theres no mode of conveyance.

The plan couldn't hold shape. We decide a gujju-breakfast. We bought some jalebi's and Lassi. Couldn't find Fafda........ parceled the goodies.

Had a great filling breakfast by the cannal.

1 Responses to Mahol!

  1. सौरभ Says:

    झक्कास्स... जन्नत... :) मला आठवतय बेळगावला असताना अश्यावेळी आम्ही एका ठेल्यावर जाऊन गोबी-मंच्युरिअन आणि चहा नाही तर एक पंचांम्रृत म्हणून हॉटेल होतं तिकडे पावभाजी आणि कॉफी घ्यायचो. बॅंगलोरला असताना समोसा चाट आणि स्पेशल कॉफी... वाह... खरच एक वेगळाच माहौल असतो अश्यावेळी... :D

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