Pizza Corner @ Rajaram bridge!

15 October 2009 वेळ: Thursday, October 15, 2009

There's been a flex flashing > Pizza 25 Rs onwards. We were planning a visit, but every time we ended up procrastinating the program. A few days back me and Prof. hit the roadside "Thella".

The "Thella" is located on the Karvenagar end of the Rajaram bridge, on a private piece of land.

As we stepped by the "Thella", the owner gave us a broad smile. The Flex hanging around his modular kitchen cum pick up window displayed the variety of pizzas he could compile.
The owner - Mr. Hemant Gawli suggested us to go for 'cheese chilly corn pizza'. The sweet - spicy taste of the corn-chillies was amazing.

Mr. Gawli has a company of two, to help him out to serve the best. Sandeep Dighe and Jagdish Pawar. Four years back Jagdish had left his school. Now he's scoring hard to complete his schooling.

The Trio puts up their best efforts to maintain hygiene.

Mr. Gawli claims to serve near about 50 customers a day. Most of their customers are students from the Sinhagad institute.

I wont compare it with the famous chains like Pizza hut or Papa Johns, but the pizza's here got a desi spicy taste which you can definitely try.

4 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. I wish i cud come back to India to have one of those delicious pizzas

  2. सौरभ Says:

    amazing yaar... bharich distoy pizza... baghun majya pan tondala paani sutla... aare tyanna vichar re... international branch chalu karaychi aahe ka mhanun... karaychi asel tar franchise dyayla sang mala...

  3. Deepti Says:

    pizza yummy!!!! well tya pizza cha photo baghun tari to khavasa vatato ahe[:P]

  4. milindn Says:

    Yeah! You guys should try it sometime. Much better than pizz hut. The only constraint is you have to forget your status and so called high class society standards.

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