05 October 2009 वेळ: Monday, October 05, 2009
We all've tried calling up spirits - via - planchet, at least once in our life time. Each one's got a different experience. Here I pluck another experience from my memories.


At the dinner table we (Mihir, Vijay and me) were discussing existence of spirits. Mihir was putting in a load of positive reports. He had tried it a few years back, they had recalled his grandpa. He gave us a second hand experience about planchet.

That day after our dinner, me and Vijay were desperate to try out doing planchet. From the very begining Mihir was reluctant to help us. By midnight we were all set for the experience. An A4 size sheet was used to draw the required format - A to Z, 0-9 and YES, NO. We managed a mini steel bowl as our cursor. According to our knowledge we'd done everything we had overheard and read. We lighted a kerosene lamp, a few incense sticks were alighted. I pinned down the sheet on an engineering drawing board. Mihir was done giving every excuse for not joining us.

After meditating the name of the person we wanted to recall from the past, we received our first shock.

Vijay was finding it difficult to breathe. I managed to regain his breath by pumping his chest with my palms crossed. He soon regained his breath. As both of us took a huge sip of water. By the time Mihir was in the room.

For a while we discussed the procedure, and the loop holes we'd left.

After a while Mihir pointing the drawing board - "Aabe ye paper aise kyu jalaya hain?"
As we paid our attention to the paper, small curve-shaped border was burned out from the paper. Me and Vijay both denied of doing it.

Even after the first shot, we prepared ourselves for the second session.

Even this time, Vijay finds it difficult to breathe. I try helping him breathe by pumping hard, Mihir poured a glass of water, and in the meanwhile - Vijay pushed me off with his left hand. I had never seen him get so harsh. I landed almost 5-10 feet behind. It ain't easy to just push off with such ease. I called off the planchet programme. Pulled out the mini steel bowl, and suggested a small walk.

By then Vijay was taken over. He saw some weired colors. To describe the color he asked me to get off the yellowish shade from yellow shade. There was some kind of red colored water around. Then we tried asking Vijay his own name, and he didn't reply back. He's eyes moving in an indifferent manner confirmed something abnormal. Mihir attempted an escape from the room, Vijay gave him a very unfamiliar stare. "ऐ कुठे जातोस? थांब."

Finally we convinced him for a cup of chai at swargate.

We reach Swargate:

Ordered for chai. By the time chai came, we made him gulp down two glasses of water. It was almost 0215 hours. He constantly gave us strange looks. On asking him what was his name? He refused to tell, in a very childish tone. Splashing cold water and slapping vijay was helping us keep him on his own feet. Our slapping was gathering up more observers. Once again Mihir slapped him to confirm he was having tea. Affirmative. This time the order was for fout tea's. There was someone standing close to us, an imaginary body only visible Vijay. As the chai came, we all gulped down our tea. As we felt a bit relaxed after the tea. once again we started slapping him. it didn't take much to soak him in water, and slap his cheeks to red.

As I was busy on a phone call, Mihir was having a bad time controlling Vijay. A bunch of college students were having their chai. Vijay started speaking about them. He started from appreciating the innocence, and then told Mihir - They'd soon meet up with an accident at Erandwane. And one of them might have to face mortality.

Now in this condition Vijay wouldn't let us sleep, or even have some rest. We'd decided to drug him with a sleeping pill. On "our" way we picked up a few sleeping pills at a 24 X 7 pharmacy. As we entered the gate, once again vijay started sobbing, asking for apologies to a kid. He was convincing that the kid (some random kid) fell in the well by his own mistake. It wasnt Vijay who had pushed him in the well. Then suddenly he started talking in the air.

He was followed by some non existing charachters, who he didnt want to talk to.

Fortunately he soon dozed of to sleep.
As we woke up in the morning, it had rained. Vijay woke up, showing as if nothing had happened last night. On asking him, he didnt remember a single part of it.


And now its been almost 2 years! we still have a shiver whenever we all talk about the planchet.

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  1. सौरभ Says:

    so wanna try it one more time???

  2. Junius Says:

    saurabh, i am interested too. its so exciting isnt it?

  3. Aakash Says:

    Yash's accompanying us! last week we were discussing about this back again!

  4. we also want to do this.....plz tell us d method at...

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