English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 1

11 December 2009 वेळ: Friday, December 11, 2009
English dies a sad death everyday..And very brutally @ that!

And guess what, we kill it~

Here is one instance how..

The victim- the word " Functional"

According to Merriam Websters dictionary:

Main Entry: func·tion·al

Pronunciation: \ˈfəŋ(k)-shnəl, -shən-əl\

Function: adjective

performing or able to perform a regular function

—func·tion·al·ly \-ē\ adverb
ctional psychosis>—compare organic 1b

I have atleast heard 25 people at isolated instances using the world wrongly, in a totally different parlance colloquially!

They say- This dress is casual but I prefer functional dresses for special occasions.


This is a functional clutch- for everyday purposes I have another one.

1.e. the word functional is surmised as "related to function or special occasion"

when actually it means a regular function(activity).

It is high time that we correct this gross culpable linguistic gaffe immediately!

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  1. One Says:

    Functional also means "Having a purpose". So from that perspective, its fully acceptable. Iron Maiden just bit the dust. :P

  2. K Says:

    Dear One!

    We are not @ loggerheads! And this is certainly not a war! There is no issue of me bitting dust. If u understand, some people say it is a FUNCTIONAL DRESS in relation to a FUNCTION OR CELEBRATION. I have already cited Webster's for the meaning of HAVING A PURPOSE!

  3. One Says:

    >>in relation to a FUNCTION OR CELEBRATION.
    I see. This point was not so clear in the article. That would be a wrong usage indeed.
    >>And this is certainly not a war!
    I hope so too. The usage of the phrase 'Bite the dust' was used to carry on the use of metaphors for 'Kicking the bucket'.
    Mostly because they are lay. And partly because of the fact that I do not have any blog. Google allowed me to comment using my Orkut login.

  4. K Says:

    Dear One!

    Thanks for visiting!

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