Life's Big Lesson in a Small Scoop! 10

15 December 2009 वेळ: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am updating this section after a loooooooong gap! It was not that lessons weren't learnt in this span! Infact there were many! Its just that not all of them were drafted here!

Abb padh likh kar kiska bhala hua hai?????

I have a habit (You can call it a bad one) of uttering hackneyed dialogues and making fun of the highly cliched sentiments that our Hindi Cinema evokes @ times - rather ignorantly. One of my favourite one is to babel fish in a typical auntie like monotonous style, " Abb padh likh kar kiska bhala hua hai ?"(Read:Who has benefited out of Education anyways?).

Yesterday I had my Eureka Moment! As me and my hostel mates gathered for our regular late night "girl talks". And our regular bhanksss about films began. I began to utter the same dialogue. And I stopped mid-way. Rather my rational brain forced me to press the STOP button immediately.

"Padh Likh kar Kiska Bhala hua hai ?" My brain re-read, scanned and comprehended the dialogue. The answer came pronto: Mera aur Sabka. This was even more applicable in terms of women. I gulped my curiosity @ that moment and let it lie low for later contemplation. After everyone descended to their slumber the internal ratification began. I am 26 years old. Am independent!(yeah I can finally say that) Inspite of a crash I have landed to the safety of my own feet. Bruised but certainly not broken! And a major portion of the terra-firma beneath my trembling feet(apart from my loved ones) has been provided by no one else but my education.

There are girls in my hostel who have practically come from remote villages in Maharashtra. Some of them can hardly afford a metro-lifestyle. They prefer to walk their way around instead of spending Rs. 3 everyday on the "comfort" of overcrowded PMT Buses. They want to educate themselves and the world around them. They are taking pains of working part time and educating themselves because they understand that in a society that is ruled by the influence of ever-altering political, social and economical scenarios, it is education that will be their backbone.

Education today has stood firmly with many ladies who have absolutely no support in this world. With education comes financial Independence and it further reckons freedom to take individual decisions responsibility.

Just imagine the spate of us Indian women if we were born in an earlier time frame where situation was not conducive for women education. The vicious circle of poverty - early marriage - illiteracy - dependency - destitution would have continued. The anti-women literacy antagonists would have ruled the world and our atrocities as a second sex would have multiplied. Or for that matter even if we were born in a third world country that was not pro-women education and liberation, each day would have been so difficult to live.

I think we Indian women should really be grateful to the doyens of women education like Anandi Bai Joshi, Mahatma Phule & Maharshi Karve etc. It is only because of the relentless efforts of these people that many Indian women are Educated, Independent and Earning a living for themselves today!

What has education provided me??? The answer is simple! EMPOWERMENT- to stare the world in the eye, keep pace with it and challenge it!!!!

I got my answer!
I will never repeat that dialogue again!
I swear!
: )

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  1. Deepti Says:

    In cultural reality, the women enjoyed a privileged position in the Vedic period. But now a days condition of women developed gradually because of education system...Women Education in Modern India increased the intellectuality of the Indian women.....SO PADDHANE SE PHAYDA HI HOTA HAIN....;)

  2. K Says:

    Dear Deeps!

    I have one more point to add! Sirf padhne se fayda nahi hota padha hai uska sahi istemal karnese fayda hota hai!


  3. सौरभ Says:

    I was born Intelligent... But Education Ruined me... lol... jokes apart...

    what u say is very correct. but education means what? is it an experience or knowledge or wisdom?? or is it if one get a certified degree he/she is educated???

    I believe education is learning process, fuel that will make your brain work, a thought provoking process that will awake one's conscience...
    one don't need any degree for that... (rather you will find many degree holders are mentally handicapped)

  4. Aakash Says:

    well ketaki, glad to see another gracefully executed blog after such a long time.

    I'll like to go in a perfect unison with your words. A strong will power of standing independent in the society is the basic necessary thought to achive a successful carrer.

    P.S: Cool new blog tempalte haa!

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