Santacruz to Pune!

21 December 2009 वेळ: Monday, December 21, 2009
I had booked a ticket for Deccan Queen. Being a super fast train it departs from CSTM.

I boarded a local train from Santacruz. I was mentally prepared for the "Mallish" in the crammed local trains of Mumbai. To my surprise I got a seat! As far as I recollect this was the second time in my 6 months history, that I scored a seat in the local train. Rather I got off a local train without a push from my back! :D "Ye sab Sunday hone ka jadoo hain"

As I was travelling my way down from Churchgate to CSTM the old constructions were still holding their stand. A wall besides the footpath was oozing out with graffiti against the 26/11 attacks.

It was great to see un-crammed Mumbai!

Was about to enter the station - a Deutsch lander paused me. "Is there any cyber cafe around? My map reads theres one towards left."

I:..........(urgh do we get such precise maps in our country??) I have no idea.....

Two flutes were peeping out from his haversack, "Do you play them?"
Yea! I tried playing them.

He was attracted to the Indian classical music. He also had Pune on his agenda.
In the meanwhile a taxi passing us suffered the broken axle. The rear wheel of the taxi came rolling to our feet. The Deutsch lander must be shocked to see this weired accident!
"Welcome to India!"

Walking down the platform no.8, I took notice of the pantry car. Table's and chairs setup for the visitors. That was the place where I could continue reading my novel.
The train jolted, I'd taken care of my luggage. Made a move to the pantry car.
Ordered a cup of chai!
A sip of chai, read a few lines, Have the splendid view from the window.
Unexpectedly the chai was too good for the regular Indian rail tea!
By the time I reached Lonnavala - a couple of pages had been turned.
The manager of the pantry car was keeping a count of my number of chai's.
I had been fortunate enough to have the pantry car not crowded.

As the centi-wheeled boggies got close to pune, the manager in the pantry car requested > "Sir aab band ho raha hain."

I made a move back to my compartment. A few seats away some hyper-excited gaggle of women were at the peak of their antakshari session.

"Goad Gojiri laaj lajiri, tai tu honar navri" was squeaking out in a very irritating tone.

I couldn't manage a reinforcement to bomb that part of the compartment. I would have loved to offer them "shendur" (Shendur can be used to mute the vocal boxes for hours - says me :D)
Eventually I vented the whole boredom in messaging Prof., Mihir, Yash and Surhud.

The excruciating pain of my diaphragm made me think constantly about jumping off the train as I pass Shivajinagar station.

Dont know why, but the train driver stopped at Shivajinagar!
Guess! I was the first to jump off the train!

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. Deepti Says:

    it looked like that you had such a nice company!!! :)

  2. सौरभ Says:

    u shud hv joined th grp man...

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