New Year Time!!!

31 December 2009 वेळ: Thursday, December 31, 2009
2009 has literally flown past! Its the end of December already and we are on the onset of 2010!!

Its New Year time once again...and I am left with a lot of mixed feelings- New years leave me both excited and scared.

New year is more like an annual stock taking!! Time to measure the Profit and Loss accounts and settle the discrepancies in the balancesheet!!!

Definitely there is happiness of a fresh beginning and anxiety about but more importanttly there is a lot of positive anticipation from the comming year!

2010, I have a lot of expectations from you dear, Don't let me down......!

1 Responses to New Year Time!!!

  1. सौरभ Says:

    Amen!!! seems like 2010 really came up with lot of expectations and keeping its promise to be a good new year...

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