26 December 2009 वेळ: Saturday, December 26, 2009
I came across this very interesting tag on Anand's Blog! So filled in the details! Bongs, Aakya and Deeps you too fill in the details! It will be a fun-read!

1.Where is your cell phone?
Meticulously put on the Mobile Stand! See it 2 Believe it!

2.Your hair?
Used to be ruffled and gave an "out of the bed look"! Strangely they are completely manageable now! : )

3.Your mother?
The only person who loves me unconditionally!

4.Your father?
My Pillar of Strength!

5.Your favorite food?
Anything made by Mom as I hardly get homemade food made by her! I have to eat what I cook usvally!! : )

6.Your dream last night?
I don't dream anymore! Dreams just make people more impractical.

7.Your favorite drink?
H2O Neat on the rocks!!! What were u thinking???? ; )

8.Your goal?
To prove myself!!

9.What room are you in?
Definitely the one which has a lot of sunshine and ventilation! Any Guesses which one???

10.Your hobby?
Blogging!!!! I love it!

11.Your fear?
Being Judged wrongly!

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
hmmmmmmm! Now lets c how that one works!

13.Where were you last night?
Chatting away with friends @ Home - the best place on earth

14.Something that you aren’t?

Yes I am all "Gimme" for them - If they are made of Sugar Free!
On an after-thought its such a sweet name for a cat or even your object of affection!!!hahahaha

16.Wish list item?
A flat of my own and a car!

17.Where did you grow up?

18.Last thing you did?
Just made some Chapattis!

19.What are you wearing?
Blue Tee and a pair of old Jeans!

20.Your TV?
Is sitting in the warehouse of some shop gathering dust!! As I Don't Have one yet!

21.Your pets?
Don't have any right now! Aishwarya and Sundari are two strays who are very cute and friendly dogs!

My Lifeline!! They keep me on the move!!!

23.Your life?
A Roller-coaster ride!
Plain till 2007 - Bumpy after that!

24.Your mood?
On a H3
Holiday Happy High!!!! : )

25.Missing someone?

Kinetic ZX!

27.Something you’re not wearing?
My Specs!

28.Your favorite store?
Wills Lifestyle!

29.When was the last time you laughed?
Today afternoon while watching 3-idiots @ R-MALL, Mulund! Had a blast!

30.Last time you cried?
Don't want to remember as Tears only make you more and more weak! But yes it was a worthless effort for a person who did not care!

31.Your best friend?
My Lil Bro! Bhauama!

32.One place that you go to over and over?
Parvati, Pune. I am gripped with a dejavoo feeling every time!

33.One person who emails me regularly?

34.Favorite place to eat?
La Dolche Vita, Pune!

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    aare tu Tag konala kelays???

  2. grown up in Hogwarts!!
    You are the 5th one I know from Hogwarts :)

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