Rolling back the rusty pedals!

09 December 2009 वेळ: Wednesday, December 09, 2009
A couple of days back prof. came up with an idea of a cycling trip to Goa. ( It was my dream to ride the trail to Goa.) Yash's also willing to join us. Joined a cycling forum -

Last weekend I got back to my old rusty - Hercules MTB 9000. I had made some small modifications a few years back. Prof. helped me oil/grease/clean/shine the bike. Now its back in the condition to hit the road. Its been long time now, I've not been on a long bicycle ride. Dunno how long can we hold. We decide to ride to Pashan-Sus Road. An approximate return ride of 20-24 km.

We had Yash's - 18 geared Ranger Swing. Prof. is planning to buy a new bike. 3 of us to ride and two bicycles.

Finally we end up renting a Hero - JET cycle (city bike/dudhwala ka cycle) from Ratna Cycle mart. Cycle no. 9

I wanted to try riding the JET, We started from Bajirao Road. Soon a realised I was catching up a million stares from the passerby's. It was my Bob Marley bandanna, a haversack, T-shirt mentioning "Rock-on" and football shorts. I think they were'net used to see someone dressed like this on a JET cycle.

It took us a 180 min's to complete the whole circuit. The Hero Jet wasn't comfortable for uphill rides. We had to take numerous breaks.

We were expecting excruciating pains in our thighs and calves after the first ride, in the morning the expectations were negative.

Day 2: I started off with a good diet of 2 idlis and gulped down two raw eggs. It was a great ride of 90-105 min's. Listening to assorted rock playlist, makes it even faster. I try to take as many fly-overs on my way. After the long ride, gulp down 1/2 lt. of milk.

Even if the Goa trip doesn't work out, its going to help me tuck in my belly and melt some mayo!

1.If I keep on continuing these rides, the bicycle seat is definitely gonna get embossed in my butt. Time to change this hard seat now!
2.The vehicle drivers are the major turn off, when they pass by - making you reduce the whole momentum.....and now you're on the uphill pedaling to gain the momentum.

2 प्रतिक्रिया

  1. सौरभ Says:

    ले... हीरो जेटपे अपना (थोडा पोटसुट्या) आमिर, यहांके हम शिकंदर करते हुए... एकदम ढींच्याक...

  2. Deepti Says:

    yes.....keep it up!!! and i loved this idea....:)
    ata mast full body shody!!!;)

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